Reserves Act Hearings Panel

Halswell Domain Miniature Railway and Pond

New Lease




Date:                                    Monday 4 April 2022

Time:                                    11.06am

Venue:                                 Via Audio-Visual Link





Councillor Anne Galloway

Community Board Member Helen Broughton

Community Board Member Mike Mora









Liz Ryley

Committee and Hearings Advisor

941 8153

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Reserves Act Hearings Panel

04 April 2022



The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies Ngā Whakapāha

 There were no apologies received.


2.   Election of Chairperson Te Whakatū Poumua


Hearings Panel Resolved RAHPC/2022/00001

It was decided that Councillor Anne Galloway be appointed Chairperson of the Reserves Act Hearings Panel.

Community Board Member Broughton/Community Board Member Mora               Carried


3.   Declarations of Interest Ngā Whakapuaki Aronga

Community Board Member Mike Mora declared an interest.


4.   Canterbury Society of Model and Experimental Engineering, New Lease at Halswell Domain


The following Council Officers were invited to present the Officer’s report and responded to questions arising from the Hearings Panel.

·        Pete Barnes (Senior Planner Open Space Parks)

·        Philippa Upton (Engagement Advisor, Engagement Team)

·        Felix Dawson (Leasing Consultant, Leasing Team)  


A correction to the report at page 13 of the agenda was noted, the table at 4.19, fourth point, “planning” amended to read “planting”, i.e. Trust CSMEE will carry out planting improvements as promised. 


5.   Volumes of Submissions


Hearings Panel Resolved RAHPC/2022/00002

That the Reserves Act Hearings Panel:

1.         Accepts the written submissions, including any late submissions, received on the Halswell Domain Miniature Railway and Pond - New Lease.

Community Board Member Mora/Community Board Member Broughton               Carried


6.   Hearing of Submissions Ngā Tāpaetanga


There were no submitters heard. One submitter who had initially asked to be heard, provided advice at the commencement of the Hearing that they no longer wished to be heard.


7.   Consideration and Deliberation Ngā Whaiwhakaaro me Ngā Taukume o Ngā Kōrero


The Hearings Panel considered and deliberated on the written submissions received.

Council Officers, Pete Barnes and Felix Dawson, responded to questions raised by the Hearings Panel.

The Panel agreed to add clarification in the recommendations about the following matters:

·        Native plantings

·        Issue of tooting only for safety reasons

·        Cycle parking

·        To note that no further extensions to the lease area are planned.


8.   Hearings Panel Recommendations Ngā Tūtohu o Te Tira Tauaki


Hearings Panel Resolved RAHPC/2022/00003

That the Reserves Act Hearings Panel recommends that the Waipuna Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board:

1.            Receive and consider the information in the report, the submissions, and all other relevant information received on the proposed new ground lease to Canterbury Society of Model Experimental Engineering for an extension to the existing lease area.

2.            Subject to approval of the new lease, approve the surrender of the existing lease and licence plus variations for part of Halswell Domain (refer legal description below), Recreation Reserve under the Reserves Act 1977.

3.            Approve the granting of a ground lease pursuant to section 54 of the Reserves Act 1977 over approximately 8904m2, being part of Halswell Domain (RS40337, CB646/79, Sec 2 SO494103, RT740889, Lot 81774, CB47B/42, Recreation Reserve as shown in Attachment A), for a period of 33 years in 3 terms of 11 years, at an annual rental set in accordance with the Council’s Sports Lease Charges Policy.

4.            Authorise the Property Consultancy Manager to conclude and administer the terms of the new lease.

5.            Support the submitters who have requested the relocation of native plantings to the 35m2 planting area close by to the new loop.

6.            Approve the new lease, subject to the understanding that tooting will only occur for safety purposes.

7.            Request the Council’s Transport Unit to survey the demand for additional cycle parking in the Reserve as soon as possible.

8.            Note that the Canterbury Society of Model Experimental Engineering do not plan any more extensions to the lease area.

Community Board Member Mora/Community Board Member Broughton              Carried



Meeting concluded at 12.10pm.