Waitai Coastal-Burwood Community Board

Public Forum Briefing




Date:                                    Monday 28 February 2022

Time:                                   3.05pm

Venue:                                 Audio/Visual Link






Jo Zervos

Celeste Donovan

Bebe Frayle

Phil Mauger

Linda Stewart










Christopher Turner-Bullock

Manager Community Governance, Coastal-Burwood

941 8233




Please Note:

This forum has no decision making powers and is purely for the purpose of information sharing.


Waitai Coastal-Burwood Community Board Public Forum Briefing 28 February 2022



Post Meeting Note:


It is noted that this meeting was held via audio/visual link on the Zoom platform due to the country being under COVID-19 Protection Framework (the Traffic Alert System Red) on the date the meeting was scheduled. These minutes provide a written summary of the meeting proceedings.  


The agenda was dealt with in the following order.


1.   Apologies Ngā Whakapāha  

The Chair called for apologies.


Apologies were received from Kelly Barber for absence, Bebe Frayle for lateness and Phil Mauger for early departure.



2.   Council Parks, Regional Parks (Coastal and Plains), Residential Red Zone and Road Maintenance Update and Q&A


Council Officers Brenden Winder and Courtney Reid on behalf of the Residential Red Zone Team provided the Board with an update on their maintenance regime highlighting that the weather has created faster growth rates this summer which has added to the workload, along with Covid-19 restrictions and staffing challenges.  


Tree plantings are planned in the autumn within the residential red zone which will help increase the tree canopy cover for the city. 


Council Officers also indicated that there are projects or work taking place in:

·         Southshore, South New Brighton - Estuary Edge Protection Programme

·         Brooklands - Community Development Advisor connecting with the local residents

·         Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor - Three Bridges nearing completion/official openings.


Council Officer Neville Tucker on behalf of the Road Landscape Team provided the Board with an update on the work carried out by the Road Landscape Team. Council Officer indicated that it has been a high growth season which has caused some challenges but this is a priority for the team city wide.


The Road Landscape Team are working with Kiwi Rail/Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency/Subdivision Developers and other units across the Council to map where responsibilities lie for maintenance or to ensure they are included in a work schedule.


Council Officer Robbie Hewson on behalf of the Coastal and Plains Team provided the Board with an update on their responsibilities in the coastal and plains area. Council Officer indicated that it has been an extremely busy season for growth. Part of the teams responsibilities is a daily rubbish clearance, beach tidy and maintenance in the area.


Council Officer indicated that the Coastal and Plain Team planted over 20,000 coastal stabilisation plants during the last planting season.


It was also noted that there are carpark renewals planned for the South New Brighton carpark and Taylors Mistake.


Council Officer Bridie Gibbings on behalf of the Parks Unit provided the Board with an update on the Parks Unit responsibilities in the ward. 


Council Officer advised that the bulk mowing and spraying in large spaces and bin emptying is carried out by Recreational Services. Everything else is carried out by internal staff.


A level of service plan is put together yearly which maps out the work regime for the year.


A new Community Partnership Ranger will be joining the Parks Unit who will be a conduit for Community, Community groups and the Council.


The Board and Council Officers in the Community Governance Team received questions from the community prior to the meeting.


Council officers provided responses to these questions which are attached to these notes and will be shared with those who raised them.


The Chair thanked staff for their updates.



Parks Unit to work with Community Governance Team to provide the Board with a register of parks and their classification for the ward areas.



a       Community Questions and Responses  


3.   Sustainable Coastlines in Ōtautahi/Christchurch


Emma Hunter, Programme Coordinator of Sustainable Coastlines provided the Board with a presentation and update on the perils of pre-production pellet pollution in the Avon-Heathcote Estuary/Ihutai.


Emma Hunter also provided the Board with an introduction to the Sustainable Coastlines organisation and the work they are doing in Christchurch. An event to note is a coastline clean up at New Brighton Beach on 26 March 2022.


Presentation attached to these minutes. Please also refer to trim 22/259065.



a       Pre-production pellet pollution and Sustainable Coastlines Christchurch Presentation  




Meeting concluded at 4.31pm.