Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board

Open Minutes



Date:                                    Tuesday 2 February 2021

Time:                                   5pm

Venue:                                 Horoeka Room, Rārākau: Riccarton Centre,
199 Clarence Street, Christchurch





Deputy Chairperson


Mike Mora

Helen Broughton

Jimmy Chen

Catherine Chu

Gamal Fouda

Anne Galloway

Andrei Moore

Debbie Mora

Mark Peters




2 February 2021






Matthew Pratt

Manager Community Governance, Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton

941 5428



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Waipuna/Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board

02 February 2021


Part A           Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B           Reports for Information

Part C           Decisions Under Delegation



The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies / Ngā Whakapāha

Part C

There were no apologies received.

2.   Declarations of Interest / Ngā Whakapuaki Aronga

Part B

There were no declarations of interest recorded.

3.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes / Te Whakaāe o te hui o mua

Part C

Community Board Decision

That the minutes of the Waipuna/Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board meeting held on Tuesday, 15 December 2020 be confirmed.

4.   Public Forum / Te Huinga Whānui

Part B


4.1      Traffic Issues, Hornby

Russell Wills, local resident reminded the Board that he had presented a petition one year ago on behalf of some residents in Waterloo Road and the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association on traffic related issues regarding Waterloo Road.  Mr Wills expressed concern that works requested in the petition have not been undertaken.

Mr Wills advised that heavy motor vehicles on Waterloo Road continue to be an issue and indicated that he does not consider their use of this road in a residential area is appropriate.

After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Mr Wills for his presentation.


4.2      Hornby Issues

 Ross Houliston, Hornby resident, addressed the Board on a number of issues of concern to local residents.  Mr Houliston expressed appreciation for the new mega complex that is soon to be constructed in Hornby but questioned the time it has taken for this to happen.  He referred also to the adverse effects of nearby quarries, the need for a footpath in the vicinity of the Hornby shopping centre, flooding and traffic related issues including the proposed cycleway.

Mr Houliston said in his opinion that  it is time to put ratepayer money into the suburbs rather than the inner city.

After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Mr Houliston for his presentation.


a       Ross Houliston Presentation  


4.3      Greater Hornby Residents Association Update

Marc Duff addressed the Board on behalf of the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association ’.  Mr  Duff spoke about cycle safety and suggested that a review on the operation of cycleways be undertaken after they have been opened for about two years.

Mr Duff also advised that residents are disappointed that the earth bund around Branston Pit has not been landscaped.  In addition he advised that there is a tree on Council land in Shands Road by Golding Avenue that is shedding material onto neighbouring properties, blocking guttering and they would like this to be trimmed.

Mr Duff presented a draft plan of Greater Hornby Residents Association events during 2021.

After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Mr Duff for his presentation.


a       Marc Duff Presentation  


4.4      Stormwater drainage, Halswell

A Halswell resident, addressed the Board regarding a property in Quarry View subdivision Halswell. The property is low lying and is inundated by stormwater flowing from an adjacent private lane. The resident said that the problem has been discussed with Council staff and the subdivision developers but there had been no resolution to date.

After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked the resident for their presentation.


Amendments to the above were made at the Board’s 30 March 2021 meeting during Clause 3 -           Confirmation of the Minutes.     


4.5      Anti-social behaviour

Templeton resident, Mark Amer advised the Board of residents’ concerns about the anti-social behaviour of a resident of nearby social housing complex. The concerns have been raised with the Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust and the Police.

After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Mr Amer for his presentation 


4.6      Boat Safety

James Ensor, Eden Husband, and Roger Allen, members of the Naval Point Boat Safety Group updated the Board on the proposed redevelopment of Naval point, noting that this will need to be completed ahead of the major sailing event planned to be held in Lyttelton Harbour in January 2022.

The group’s focus is on ensuring that the redevelopment results in a facility that is safe for all vessels operating in the area at all times.

After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Messrs Ensor, Husband and Allen for their presentation.           


a       Boat Safety Presentation  


5.   Deputations by Appointment / Ngā Huinga Whakaritenga

Part B

There were no deputations by appointment.

6.   Presentation of Petitions / Ngā Pākikitanga

Part B

There was no presentation of petitions.  

7.   Elected Members’ Information Exchange / Te Whakawhiti Whakaaro o Te Kāhui Amorangi

         Catherine Chu left the meeting at 6:15pm.

Part B

Board members exchanged information on the following:

·         Some members advised that they are having difficulty accessing the Council’s elected members electronic information site.

·         The importance of submissions on the Long Term Plan being organised and clear on priority for work requested. This applies also to verbal presentations where time limits apply.

·         There is a proposal for a number of residents associations to combine to make a submission on the Long Term Plan.

·         There are still ongoing flooding issues on Shands Road, Hornby.

·         An open day is planned at the Al Noor Mosque as part of 15 March  terrorist attack commemorations

·         There are incidents of rubbish being left on the footpath in Mayfair Street near the saleyards.

·         There appears to be a broken water main in Wilmers Road near the Pumping station.


7.1      Alcohol Licence applications 136 Ilam Road and 299 Main South Road

It was noted that the application for a new Sale of Alcohol Licence at 136 Ilam Road has now been withdrawn.  An application for a new licence at 299 Main South Road is subject to objection and is going to a hearing.


It was agreed that the Board would seek leave of the District Licensing Committee to appear at the hearing for a new Sale of Alcohol Licence at 299 Main South Road to be in support of objectors.


       Andrei Moore left the meeting at 6:19pm.


7.2      Growth in Halswell

Members noted the recent growth in Halswell and that further growth is expected.

The Board agreed to request that staff provide a briefing to the Board about how the growth in Halswell is being planned for and what mitigations are to be put in place to manage it.


      Anne Galloway left the meeting at 6:19pm.


7.3      Update by local Member of Parliament

The Board noted that Local member of Parliament Megan Woods has indicated a wish to attend a Board meeting to update the Board on local issues.


The Board agreed to request that staff liaise with Local member of Parliament Megan Woods electoral office to arrange a briefing on local issues to an upcoming Board meeting.



Meeting concluded at 6:35pm.






Mike Mora