Hearings Panel

Request to Build Changing Rooms in

North Hagley Park

Open Minutes



Date:                                    Thursday 18 February 2021

Time:                                   10am

Venue:                                 Committee Room 2, Civic Offices,

53 Hereford Street, Christchurch





Councillor Sam MacDonald

Councillor Phil Mauger

Community Board Member Sunita Gautam




18 February 2021






Liz Ryley

Committee and Hearings Advisor

941 8153



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Hearings Panel

18 February 2021



The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies / Ngā Whakapāha


There were no apologies received.


2.   Election of Chairperson / Te Whakatū Poumua


Hearings Panel Resolved BLHP/2021/00001

It was decided that Sam MacDonald be appointed Chairperson of the Hearings Panel.


Community Board Member Gautam/Councillor Mauger                                                                          Carried


3.   Declarations of Interest / Ngā Whakapuaki Aronga

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


3a  Submissions - Request to Build Changing Rooms in North Hagley Park


Hearings Panel Resolved BLHP/2021/00002

That the Hearings Panel:

1.       Accept the written submissions, including any late submissions, received on the request to build changing rooms in North Hagley Park.

Community Board Member Gautam/Councillor MacDonald                                                                   Carried


4.   North Hagley Changing Rooms



4.1       The Hearings Panel received a staff report and relevant attachments which included a table of all submissions received during the consultation, and Council officer comments.

4.2       Derek Roozen presented his report regarding the proposal to build new changing rooms in North Hagley Park.

4.2       Tessa Zant provided verbal comments regarding the public consultation process.


5.   Hearing of Submissions / Ngā Tāpaetanga


The Hearings Panel received a verbal submission from:

·         Tony Smail, Canterbury Rugby Football Union

A submitter who had been scheduled to be heard, Sam Hetherington, Te Kura Hagley Park Tennis Club, withdrew after obtaining sufficient information in relation to the proposal to satisfy the Club’s immediate concerns.


Representatives of the North Hagley Community, Sports and Recreation Trust Board were in attendance and were invited to provide comments.


6.   Consideration and Deliberation / Ngā Whaiwhakaaro me Ngā Taukume o Ngā Kōrero


The Hearings Panel considered the written and verbal submissions received and additional information provided by submitters and Council Officers on the Request to Build Changing Rooms in North Hagley Park and made the following recommendation to the Council.


7.   Hearings Panel Recommendations / Ngā Tūtohu o Te Tira Tauaki


Hearings Panel Resolved BLHP/2021/00003

That the Hearings Panel recommends to the Council:

1.              To consent to a variation to the existing deed of lease held by the North Hagley Community, Sports & Recreation Trust Board to, in accordance with clause 6.1 of the lease, accommodate the proposed changing rooms building located in North Hagley Park.


Councillor MacDonald/Community Board Member Gautam                                                                   Carried


    Meeting concluded at 10.21am.