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Extraordinary Supplementary Agenda



Notice of Meeting:

An extraordinary meeting of the Christchurch City Council will be held on:


Date:                                    Thursday 30 April 2020

Time:                                   10am

Venue:                                 Held by Audio/Video Link





Deputy Chairperson


Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner

Councillor Jimmy Chen

Councillor Catherine Chu

Councillor Melanie Coker

Councillor Pauline Cotter

Councillor James Daniels

Councillor Mike Davidson

Councillor Anne Galloway

Councillor James Gough

Councillor Yani Johanson

Councillor Aaron Keown

Councillor Sam MacDonald

Councillor Phil Mauger

Councillor Jake McLellan

Councillor Tim Scandrett

Councillor Sara Templeton



28 April 2020




Principal Advisor

Dawn Baxendale

Chief Executive

Tel: 941 6996



Jo Daly

Council Secretary

941 8581

Note:  The reports contained within this agenda are for consideration and should not be construed as Council policy unless and until adopted.  If you require further information relating to any reports, please contact the person named on the report.
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30 April 2020




30 April 2020




11.      Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports...................................................... 4

12.      Waste Management and Minimisation Plan Review................................................ 5

8.        Resolution to Exclude the Public........................................................................ 27


30 April 2020



11. Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports

1.       Background

1.1          Approval is sought to submit the following reports to the Council meeting on 30 April 2020:

12.   Waste Management and Minimisation Plan Review

13.   Red Bus Ltd

1.2          The reason, in terms of section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, why the reports were not included on the main agenda is that they were not available at the time the agenda was prepared.

1.3          It is appropriate that the Council receive the reports at the current meeting.

2.       Recommendation

2.1          That the reports be received and considered at the Council meeting on 30 April 2020.

12.   Waste Management and Minimisation Plan Review

13.   Red Bus Ltd




30 April 2020



12.   Waste Management and Minimisation Plan Review

Reference / Te Tohutoro:


Report of / Te Pou Matua:

Ross Trotter, Manager Resource Recovery,

General Manager / Pouwhakarae:

David Adamson, General Manager City Services,



1.   Brief Summary

1.1       The purpose of this report is inform Council of the outcomes from the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (2013) review and to inform Council of the process and anticipated timeframe for the development of a revised Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

1.2       The decision in this report is of low significance in relation to the Christchurch City Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy.

2.   Officer Recommendations / Ngā Tūtohu

That the Council:

1.         Agree staff have reviewed the 2013 Waste Management and Minimisation Plan under s50 of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.

2.         Agree staff have completed a waste assessment, also under s50 of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.

3.         Note that a further report to Council to adopt a waste management and minimisation plan under s43 of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 will be received once a draft plan has been developed.

4.         Note the process and timeframes to complete the revised Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.


3.   Background

3.1       A Waste Minimisation and Management Plan provides strategic direction to support the achievement of effective and efficient waste management and minimisation for the Christchurch district.

3.2       There is a statutory requirement under the Waste Management Act 2008 to review our Waste Management and Minimisation Plan every six years. A waste assessment of the 2013 plan, in compliance with the requirements of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, was initiated in 2018.

3.3       Waste audits were completed in July and October 2018 to inform the completion of the Waste Assessment. The Waste Assessment is included as Attachment A.

3.4       In response to the outcomes of the Waste Assessment and the changing global market[1], a new plan is being developed. Considerations include:

·        The outcomes of a ‘Blue skies Report’, commissioned in late 2019, to work with internal and external stakeholders as an initial context and engagement step for the plan

·        Draft Infrastructure Strategy, Activity and Asset Management Plans

·        Central government work programme including:

Phasing out low value and hard to recycle plastics

Increased focus on developing a more Circular Economy

Implementing product stewardship schemes for problem waste streams

Expanding the landfill levy and improving data

Analysing need for investment in innovation and resource recovery infrastructure

·        Responding to changes in the global markets for plastic and fibre such as import restrictions and price drops

3.5       Each of these considerations is helping form the basis of a draft Waste Minimisation and Management Plan 2020

3.6       A high level timeframe for the completion of the 2020 Minimisation and Management Plan is:


Initial expected completion date

Development of this charter, support documents and set up of project team

March 2020

Communications and Engagement plan in place – noting that this is a working document

March 2020

First workshop with elected members.  Noting that due to the COVID-19 response, instead of a workshop, material was provided to elected members for review and feedback.

March 2020

Second workshop with elected members.  Noting that due to the COVID-19 response, this is expected to be held as a briefing

May 2020

Update on the plan’s progress to the Medical Officer of Health

May 2020

Interim update to ELT and Committee (through Waste team update)

June 2020

Consultation document delivered to ELT

July 2020

Public Consultation

August 2020

Final report to the 3 Waters Infrastructure and Environment Committee

October 2020


4.   Legal Implications

4.1       All local authorities are required to adopt a Waste Management and Minimisation Plan, for the purpose of promoting effective and efficient waste management and minimisation within their districts (section 43 of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 (the Act)).

4.2       The Plan must be reviewed at intervals of not more than 6 years after the last review (section 50 of the Act).  In the Council’s case the last review was undertaken and a new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan adopted on 12 September 2013.

4.3       Staff undertook, and completed, a waste assessment by 11 September 2019, in accordance with section 51 of the Act.  This contained:

·        A description of the services provided by the Council;

·        A forecast of future demands for the services;

·        Options available to meet those demands;

·        The Council’s intended role in meeting the demands;

·        Proposals for meeting the demands;

·        The extent to which the proposals will ensure public health is protected and promote efficient waste management and minimisation.

4.4       As a result of the assessment, staff recommended to the Council that a new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan be prepared, to replace the 2013 Plan.  The recommendation was adopted and the process for completing the Plan, including the consultation required, is set out in this report.  In preparing the new Plan, the Council is required by section 44 of the Act to:

·        Consider the methods of waste management and minimisation (reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal);

·        Ensure the collection, transport and disposal of waste does not cause a nuisance;

·        Have regard to the NZ waste strategy;

·        Have regard to the most recent assessment undertaken under section 51; and

·        Use the special consultative procedure.


Attachments / Ngā Tāpirihanga





Draft 2019 Waste Assessment for WMMP




In addition to the attached documents, the following background information is available:

Document Name

Location / File Link

Not applicable





Confirmation of Statutory Compliance / Te Whakatūturutanga ā-Ture

Compliance with Statutory Decision-making Requirements (ss 76 - 81 Local Government Act 2002).

(a) This report contains:

(i)  sufficient information about all reasonably practicable options identified and assessed in terms of their advantages and disadvantages; and

(ii) adequate consideration of the views and preferences of affected and interested persons bearing in mind any proposed or previous community engagement.

(b) The information reflects the level of significance of the matters covered by the report, as determined in accordance with the Council's significance and engagement policy.




Signatories / Ngā Kaiwaitohu


Sarah Hemmingsen - Senior Advisor

Rowan Latham - Contract & Project Lead

Ian Thomson - Special Counsel Governance

Teresa Wooding - Senior Project Programme Lead

Approved By

Ross Trotter - Manager Resource Recovery

Helen Beaumont - Head of Three Waters & Waste

David Adamson - General Manager City Services



30 April 2020


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30 April 2020



8.      Resolution to Exclude the Public

Section 48, Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.


I move that the public be excluded from the following parts of the proceedings of this meeting, namely items listed overleaf.


Reason for passing this resolution: good reason to withhold exists under section 7.

Specific grounds under section 48(1) for the passing of this resolution: Section 48(1)(a)




Section 48(4) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 provides as follows:


“(4)     Every resolution to exclude the public shall be put at a time when the meeting is open to the public, and the text of that resolution (or copies thereof):


             (a)       Shall be available to any member of the public who is present; and

             (b)       Shall form part of the minutes of the local authority.”


This resolution is made in reliance on Section 48(1)(a) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and the particular interest or interests protected by Section 6 or Section 7 of that Act which would be prejudiced by the holding of the whole or relevant part of the proceedings of the meeting in public are as follows:


30 April 2020











Red Bus Ltd

s7(2)(b)(ii), s7(2)(h)

Prejudice Commercial Position, Commercial Activities

To protect CCHL and Red Bus's commercial positions.

Following completion of the transaction.



[1] Since 2018 there has been a significant shift in the international recycling markets – following China banning the import of much of the world’s recycling