Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                    Friday 16 August 2019

Time:                                   9am

Venue:                                 Council Chamber, Environment Canterbury,
200 Tuam Street, Christchurch






Bill Wasley                                       

Chairman Steve Lowndes , Environment Canterbury      

Councillor Cynthia Roberts , Environment Canterbury   

Councillor Peter Skelton , Environment Canterbury        

Mayor Sam Broughton , Selwyn District Council  

Deputy Mayor Malcolm Lyall , Selwyn District Council   

Councillor Mark Alexander , Selwyn District Council       

Mayor David Ayers , Waimakariri District Council

Councillor Neville Atkinson , Waimakariri District Council        

Mayor Lianne Dalziel , Christchurch City Council 

Councillor Phil Clearwater , Christchurch City Council  

Councillor Sara Templeton , Christchurch City Council 

Tā Mark Solomon , Canterbury District Health Board     

(Non-Voting Member) Ivan Iafeta , Regenerate Christchurch   



14 August 2019






Aidan Kimberley

Committee and Hearings Advisor

941 6566


Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee

16 August 2019











The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Committee Resolved GCPC/2019/00022

That the apologies from Deputy Mayor Kevin Felstead, Jane Huria, Gail Gordon, Jim Harland and Anne Shaw, and apology for lateness from Councillor Clearwater be accepted.

Mayor David Ayers/Deputy Mayor Malcolm Lyall                                                                                       Carried


2.   Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


3.   Deputations by Appointment

There were no deputations by appointment.

4.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Committee Resolved GCPC/2019/00023

That the minutes of the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee meeting held on Friday, 14 June 2019 be confirmed.

Councillor Mark Alexander/Councillor Peter Skelton                                                                               Carried


5.   Information and advice for the incoming Committee and partner governance


Committee Comment

The Independent Chair sought feedback from the Committee on the information for the incoming Committee. Committee members raised the following points:

  • It would be helpful to add a brief summary from each partner, perhaps outlining the key challenges each is facing or expects to face over the coming term.
  • In the Memorandum of Agreement it would be useful to state for the historical record the dual purpose the Committee fulfilled in the earthquake recovery period as an advisory body to the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and the Minister.
  • The Committee discussed whether the documents should reference obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi. The Committee concluded that it is not a Treaty partner; its obligations relating to the Treaty are already well set out in the Local Government Act so there is no need to repeat them in the Memorandum of Agreement.



Committee Resolved GCPC/2019/00024

Part C

That the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee:

1.         Affirms a commitment to continued partnership working for the next triennium, acknowledging the role of the incoming Committee in considering and agreeing the priorities for the Partnership following the local body elections.

2.         Notes that the Chief Executives Advisory Group will oversee preparations for the agreed approach to assist the incoming Committee and partner governance. 

Deputy Mayor Malcolm Lyall/Tā Mark Solomon                                                                                         Carried



6.   Urban Development and Regeneration Update July 2019


Committee Comment

Mayor Sam Broughton noted the update from Environment Canterbury on page 42 of the agenda regarding the draft proposed change to Chapter 6 of the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement. The proposed change is required to implement the Future Development Areas as the Partnership agreed in Our Space and Mayor Sam stated his hope that all partners will be supporting the proposed change in the spirit of partnership. Environment Canterbury and Waimakariri District Council representatives advised that they would be supporting the proposed change in accord with the Our Space Hearing Panel recommendations.

Christchurch City Council representatives advised the Committee that the Council’s submission is likely to reflect the Council’s preference for higher density in Future Development Areas as was discussed during the preparation of Our Space.   


Committee Resolved GCPC/2019/00025

Part C

That the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee:

1.         Receive the Urban Development and Regeneration Update July 2019.

Councillor Neville Atkinson/Councillor Cynthia Roberts                                                                        Carried



7.   Independent Chair's Report


Committee Comment

The Independent Chair acknowledged and thanked Mayor David Ayers, Chairman Steve Lowndes, Councillor Phil Clearwater and Councillor Peter Skelton. These Members are not standing for re-election for their respective Councils so this will be their last Partnership Committee meeting. The Independent Chair presented these Members with commemorative plaques in recognition of their service to the Partnership. The Independent Chair also thanked Ngāi Tahu for producing the plaques and Wynn Williams for their sponsorship.

Committee members took turns in thanking the Members and partner staff for their service, and made particular reference to the Independent Chair and the experience provided by Councillor Peter Skelton whose background as an Environment Court judge has been invaluable to the Partnership.

At the meeting the Independent Chair was advised that Councillor Cynthia Roberts is also not seeking re-election and undertook to make a presentation to her at a future meeting.


Committee Resolved GCPC/2019/00026

Part C

That the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee:

1.         Delegate responsibility to the Independent Chair until the first meeting of this Committee in the new triennium, to act on behalf of the Partnership where necessary, and in liaison with respective partner Chief Executives and/or Mayors and Chairs as appropriate.

Councillor Mark Alexander/Mayor Sam Broughton                                                                                   Carried





Meeting concluded at 10.15am.







Bill Wasley