High Street Revitalisation and Tram Extension

Hearings Panel

Open Minutes



Date:                                    Thursday 15 August 2019

Time:                                   9am

Venue:                                 Committee Room 1, Level 2, Civic Offices,
53 Hereford Street, Christchurch





Councillor Mike Davidson

Councillor David East

Councillor Deon Swiggs



13 August 2019






Aidan Kimberley

Hearings Advisor

941 6566



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Hearings Panel

15 August 2019



The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

There were no apologies.

2.   Election of Chairperson


Committee Resolved BLHP/2019/00013

It was decided that Councillor Swiggs be appointed Chairperson of the Hearings Panel .

Councillor Davidson/Councillor East                                                                                                              Carried


3.   Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


4.   High Street (Cashel - St Asaph) & Tram Extension - High Street


The hearings panel received a presentation from staff on the proposed tram extension and High Street revitalisation, and on the results of the consultation undertaken on the proposal.


5.   Submissions Received on the Proposed High Street Revitalisation and Tram Extension


The hearings panel received the written submissions and noted having read them ahead of the meeting.


6.   Hearing of Submissions

The Hearings Panel received verbal submissions from:

·         Shaun Stockman on behalf of Stockman Group Limited and SFT Group 177 Limited

·         Michael Esposito on behalf of Christchurch Attractions & Hanmer Springs Attractions Tourism Group

·         Dave Hinman on behalf of the Tramway Historical Society Inc.

·         Andrew Evans on behalf of AE Architects Limited

·         Cameron Bradley and Rose Bayldon on behalf of Generation Zero

·         Ray Edwards on behalf of Duncan’s 135 Limited

·         Dirk De Lu on behalf of Spokes Canterbury

·         Richard Peebles on behalf of Peebles Group Ltd, 181 High Limited and Duncan’s Lane Limited

The meeting adjourned at 10.48am and reconvened at  11.03am.


·         David Hawke

·         Sam Crofskey on behalf of C1 Espresso

·         Mike Percasky on behalf of Duncan’s Lane Limited

·         Connie Christensen

·         Connie Christensen on behalf of Go Cycle Christchurch

·         Carina Duke on behalf of the Blind Foundation

The meeting adjourned at 11.58am and reconvened at  12.03am.

7.   Hearings Panel Consideration and Deliberation

The Hearings Panel considered and deliberated on the High Street revitalisation and tram extension project, and asked Council Officers to return to the table and answer questions on matters raised through the verbal submissions.

The meeting adjourned at 1.00pm and reconvened at 1.34pm.

The meeting adjourned at 2.02pm and reconvened at 2.11pm.

Committee Resolved BLHP/2019/00014

That the Hearings Panel:

1.         Receives the information within and attached to this report and considers the written and oral submissions made as part of the public consultation process.

2.         Recommends that the Council approves the scheme design of the network transformation project for:

a.         option 1 for the mid and northern blocks of High Street including the intersection upgrade with Tuam Street, as detailed in Attachment A,

b.         option 1b for the southern block of High Street as detailed in Attachment C, and

c.         the extension of the tram route from the High Street / Lichfield Street intersection as detailed in Attachment A

3.         Recommends that the Council requests staff conduct further engagement on the scheme design for the southern block of High Street between Tuam and St Asaph Streets and report back to the appropriate Committee.

4.         Recommends to Council that the detailed traffic resolutions required for the implementation of the project are brought back to the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee, or appropriate delegated committee for approval at the end of the detailed design phase, prior to the beginning of construction.

5.         Recommends that the Council notes that staff will investigate during the detailed design phase:

a.     A barnes dance crossing at the Lichfield Street/Manchester Street/High Street intersection.

b.     The interaction between cyclists and cars at the High Street/St Asaph Street/Madras Street intersection.

c.      Stop signs instead of give ways at the High/Tuam intersection.

Councillor Swiggs/Councillor East                                                                                                                   Carried

Councillor Davidson requested that his vote against clauses 2b and 3 of the above decision be recorded.



Meeting concluded at 2.53pm.