Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                    Tuesday 19 March 2019

Time:                                   4.05pm

Venue:                                 Lyttelton Community Boardroom, 25 Canterbury Street, Lyttelton





Gina Waibl - Community Representative     

Rima Herber - Community Representative  

Elizabeth Macpherson - Community Representative       

Ben Manson - Community Representative  

Paula Smith - Community Representative  

Garrick Thorn - Community Representative

Manaia Cunningham - Te Runanga o Koukourarata       

Benita Wakefield - Te Runanga o Wairewa 

Pere Tainui - Te Runanga o Onuku    

June Swindells - Te Hapū  o Ngāti Wheke/Rapaki


In Attendance:  Lesley Woudberg, Shelley Washington, Tania Butterfield and Karen Banwell, ECan; John Benn, Department of Conservation; Aurora Smith, Te Hapū  o Ngāti Wheke/Rapaki; Shelley McMurtrie, EOS Ecology



19 March 2019


Committee Advisor

Liz Ryley

Tel: 941 8153

Christchurch City Council

Principal Advisor

Peter Kingsbury

Principal Advisor  Natural Resources

Tel: 941 8487

Christchurch City Council

Zone Facilitator

Olivia Smith

Zone Facilitator

Tel: 027 886 3949

Environment Canterbury

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Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee

19 March 2019





A Minute’s Silence in Memory of the Christchurch Mosque Attack


The Zone Committee acknowledged the tragedy that had occurred at the Christchurch Mosques and expressed aroha to the families and friends of the victims.


A minute’s silence was observed in honour of those who had died.


Manaia Cunningham opened the meeting with a Karakia/Timatanga.


The agenda was dealt with in the following order.


7.   Zone Committee Election of Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Regional Representative



1.              The Committee Advisor called for nominations for the following positions.


·         Gina Waibl nominated Paula Smith, seconded by June Swindells

·         Manaia Cunningham nominated Benita Wakefield, seconded by Rima Herber

Benita Wakefield was elected as Chairperson on a show of hands 5-4.


2.              Deputy Chairperson

·         Benita Wakefield nominated Gina Waibl, seconded by Paula Smith

There being no other nominations, Gina Waibl was elected as Deputy Chairperson.


3.              Regional Representative

·         Benita Wakefield nominated Rima Herber, seconded by Gina Waibl

·         Garrick Thorn nominated Paula Smith who declined the nomination.

Rima Herber was elected as Regional Representative.


Manaia Cunningham paid homage to and thanked Paula for her leadership, expertise and work carried out in her role as Chairperson for the Committee.  He welcomed Benita to the role.



1.   Apologies

Committee Resolved BPZC/2019/00009

That apologies from Elizabeth Cunningham and Andrew Turner be accepted.


That an apology for lateness from Garrick Thorn be accepted.  Garrick arrived during the election of the Chairperson.

Gina Waibl/Benita Wakefield                                                                                                                              Carried


2.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Committee Resolved BPZC/2019/00010

That the minutes of the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee meeting held on Tuesday, 19 February 2019 be confirmed.

Manaia Cunningham/Elizabeth Macpherson                                                                                               Carried


3.   Matters Arising from the Minutes

·         Note that the Annual Report has been finalised and will be distributed to members.

·         Any member who has an interest to declare should email the Committee Advisor to update the Register of Interests.


4.   Deputations by Appointment

There were no deputations by appointment.


5.   Identification of Urgent Items

·         June Swindells informed members that this would be her final meeting representing Te Hapū  o Ngāti Wheke/Rapaki on the Zone Committee.   She introduced Aurora Smith who will be her replacement on the Committee.


6.   Identification of General Public Contributions




Item 7 was dealt with at the commencement of the meeting.



8.   Whakaraupō Roadside Cutting Project Update


Committee Comment

1.              Power point presentations were given by Shelley Washington, ECan and Shelley McMurtrie, EOS Ecology. 

2.              Shelley Washington outlined the project stages for the erosion and sediment control.

3.              Shelley McMurtrie’s presentation was titled “Erosion and Sediment Control on Lyttleton Harbour/Whakaraupō roadside cuttings”.  Shelley responded to questions of clarification about the project.  A copy of this presentation is included below.



Committee Resolved BPZC/2019/00011

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Receive the Whakaraupō Roadside Cutting Project update.

Paula Smith/Pere Tainui                                                                                                                                       Carried



9.   Monitoring Using Mātauranga


Committee Comment

1.              Manaia spoke about the use of mātauranga Māori and additional monitoring to report on outcomes on mahinga kai in the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management.  An update on this project will be provided by ECan’s Science Team to the Zone Committee toward the end of 2019. 

2.              Benita referred to a report prepared for the Ministry for the Environment by Gail Tipa and Laurel Teirney titled “A Cultural Health Index for Streams and Waterways:  A Tool for nationwide use” (CHI). The CHI involves a range of indicators such as water cress, birdlife and mudfish.

3.              Additional mahinga kai monitoring will be undertaken at Banks Peninsula sites from the start of the 2019-20 financial year and be carried out monthly.  A map of sites will be emailed to Zone Committee members.  It was suggested that Rūnanga representatives to be involved in some of the monitoring to share knowledge.


Committee Resolved BPZC/2019/00012

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Accepts the information paper on Monitoring Using Mātauranga in response to Action 2 in the Zone Committee’s 3-Year Action Plan.

Benita Wakefield/Garrick Thorn                                                                                                                         Carried



10. Okains Bay Drainage Matters - Verbal Update


Peter Kingsbury provided a verbal update to the Committee about Okains Bay drainage matters.  This was requested by the Committee at its meeting on 19 February 2019, as noted in italic below:]


2          Request information from the Christchurch City Council on:

a.              clarification of the land ownership and management of a parcel of land identified in the map on page 24 of the agenda;

b.             the period that the targeted rate for drainage at Okains Bay applied;

c.              an account of income and expenditure for that targeted rate, and any resulting unexpended balance;

d.             what the rate is or was spent on, or is proposed to be spent on, and if there is currently a targeted rate;

Report the information received from the Christchurch City Council on the targeted drainage rate back to the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee.


2(a) land ownership - the parcels of land in question are further up the valley and owned by the Christchurch City Council.  The area of the stream is Crown land running through the middle of the property.  It was noted that Council could apply for easement on the Crown land to riparian plant etc.


Ben advised that he had been onsite and that there was a fence next to the river that created flooding issues, as well as road safety issues in relation to overgrown trees.  Ben will provide the detail to Peter.


2(b) period of targeted rate – Peter advised this dated back to the early 1980s when the scheme was in operation, under the Akaroa County Council.  There is no longer a special rating district.  Currently property owners in Okains Bay, and one other bay on the Peninsula, pay a drainage rate however it is understood that perhaps they are not required to given they are rural property owners.  This matter will be investigated further.


2(c) income and expenditure – the level of income and expenditure from the previous targeted rate, which dates back to the early 1980s, is unknown.  However, it was noted that there are  no excess funds in relation to this.


2(d) what the rate is or was spent on – the previous targeted rate was spent on a series of drainage channels for water from the hills to the river.  Over time the channels have filled with sediment and in some places have been altered by landowners.  The Christchurch City Council is committed to re-surveying the area at some time in the future.


Discussion was held about the relevance of Action Plan number 25, to promote the development of a contestable fund for flood management.  The Committee seek written advice from Council staff in relation to this matter.   



Committee Resolved BPZC/2019/00013

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Ask the Christchurch City Council for clarity on why Okains Bay, plus one other bay, pays a drainage rate.

2.         Defer discussion on Action 25 from the Zone Committee’s Action Plan to the next meeting.


Elizabeth Macpherson/Pere Tainui                                                                                                                   Carried


An adjournment was taken from 5.54pm to 6.27pm.


Aroha Smith was welcomed to the table.


11. Zone Committee Communications


Committee Comment

1.              Tania Butterfield provided an update on the Draft Six-Month Communications Plan.  Discussion was held about the ways to increase community awareness.  Suggestions included:

·           The use of high-quality photography.

·           Video profiles/interviews of new members to be developed and shared on social media.

·           Showcase an example of “Source to the sea” for example Living Springs or Te Wharau Stream in Orton Bradley Park.

·           Publicising the Immediate Steps Fund timeframes and process.

·           Include a Communications update in each agenda.


2.              The Zone Committee discussed the invitation received from Alison Evans (Okuti River Project Co-ordinator) to visit the Okuti River to discuss progress with the community project and possibly include a site visit to view earthworks/progress on the Wairewa Bank Stabilisation Project.  This field trip could be open to the public to attend and advertised locally.


3.              The Zone Facilitator will email members the proposed dates/times for the biodiversity workshop and Okuti field trip.



Committee Resolved BPZC/2019/00014

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee note the feedback discussed on:

1.         the Draft Six-Month Communications Plan;

2.         a proposed Zone Committee field trip.

June Swindells/Rima Herber                                                                                                                               Carried



12. Facilitator's Update - 19 March 2019


Committee Comment

1.              Olivia Smith’s report was taken as read.

2.              Olivia advised that the Selwyn-Te Waihora Zone Committee was inviting the Banks Peninsula Zone members to their upcoming meeting on 2 April 2019.  This will be an overnight stay at Wairewa and includes an information session in the afternoon which focuses on cultural history and mahinga kai.  Olivia will send the invitation to members.

3.              Gina Waibl provided an update to members about the Farm Trees and Carbon workshop she attended, run by Beef and Lamb NZ.  This related to the Emissions Trading Scheme and One Billion Trees Fund.  She explained the scheme run by the Government for businesses that emit carbon, and for people who sequester carbon.  The One Billion Trees Fund includes natives and exotics.

4.              Paula requested an update on the Wainui wastewater research project that was to be undertaken by a student.



Committee Resolved BPZC/2019/00015

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Note the Facilitator’s update.

2.         Receive the verbal update from Gina Waibl on the Emissions Trading Scheme and One Billion Trees Fund workshop.

Manaia Cunningham/Elizabeth Macpherson                                                                                               Carried



13. Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports


Committee Resolved BPZC/2019/00016

That the report be received and considered at the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee meeting on Tuesday, 19 March 2019.

Open Items

14.       Christchurch City Council - Draft Annual Plan Process 2019-20

June Swindells/Paula Smith                                                                                                                               Carried


14. Christchurch City Council - Draft Annual Plan Process 2019-20


Committee Comment

1.              Peter Kingsbury referred to the Supplementary Report that provided the Zone Committee with an opportunity to discuss the Christchurch City Council’s Draft Annual Plan 2019-20.

2.              Peter explained that Zone Committee members were able to submit to the Council’s Annual Plan as individuals.  The link on the Council’s website to the Draft Annual Plan is

3.              It was noted that items on the Zone Committee’s Action Plan are already funded, and that the Zone Committee reports four times per year to the Council which was another opportunity to highlight issues.


Committee Resolved BPZC/2019/00017

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Note the information in the report.

2.         Note any matters the Zone Committee would wish to have raised by the Zone Committee’s Elected Member representative during the Christchurch City Council’s Draft Annual Plan 2019‑20 deliberations.

Rima Herber/Garrick Thorn                                                                                                                                  Carried



At this time Zone Committee members were informed that this was the final meeting for Olivia Smith, Zone Facilitator.  Olivia was presented with flowers and members wished her well for her future.


June farewelled the Committee and highlighted the importance of understanding and protecting our water.  She reiterated that it is a precious resource and one that should be looked after for future generations in New Zealand.



Manaia Cunningham closed the meeting with a Karakia/Whakamutunga.



Meeting concluded at 7.30pm.