Housing Subcommittee

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Notice of Meeting:

An ordinary meeting of the Housing Subcommittee will be held on:


Date:                                     Friday 5 October 2018

Time:                                    9.30am

Venue:                                 Committee Room 1, Level 2, Civic Offices,
53 Hereford Street, Christchurch





Deputy Chairperson


Councillor Glenn Livingstone

Councillor Phil Clearwater

Councillor Vicki Buck

Councillor Anne Galloway

Councillor Yani Johanson

Councillor Deon Swiggs



3 October 2018




Principal Advisor

Brent Smith

Principal Advisor Citizens & Community


Sarah Drummond

Committee and Hearings Advisor

941 6262



Note:  The reports contained within this agenda are for consideration and should not be construed as Council policy unless and until adopted.  If you require further information relating to any reports, please contact the person named on the report.
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Housing Subcommittee

05 October 2018



Housing Subcommittee

05 October 2018




C       6.       Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports............................................................. 4  

C       6.       Healthy Home Standards Submission............................................................................ 5  

Housing Subcommittee

05 October 2018



6 Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports

1.       Background

1.1          Approval is sought to submit the following report to the Housing Subcommittee meeting on 05 October 2018:

6.      Healthy Home Standards Submission

1.2          The reason, in terms of section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, why the report was not included on the main agenda is that it was not available at the time the agenda was prepared.

1.3          It is appropriate that the Housing Subcommittee receive the report at the current meeting.

2.       Recommendation

2.1          That the report be received and considered at the Housing Subcommittee meeting on 05 October 2018.

6.      Healthy Home Standards Submission



Housing Subcommittee

05 October 2018



6.        Healthy Home Standards Submission







1.   Purpose and Origin of Report

Purpose of Report

1.1       The purpose of this report is for the Housing Subcommittee to recommend to Council that it submits on the proposed healthy homes standards.

Origin of Report

1.2       This report is staff generated in response to the consultation process currently being run by the Government. 


2.   Staff Recommendations 

That the Housing Subcommittee:

1.         Endorse the attached submission on Healthy Home Standards.

2.         Notes that the options included in the consultation document will, with one exception, have a positive impact on the warmth and dryness of Council’s units;

3.         Notes that while the options included in the consultation document will, with one exception, have a negative impact on the housing fund, the fund will remain solvent and the long term effects will remain manageable (assuming all other parameters, including modelled rent increases and level of IRRS places, remain the same).

4.         Notes that the impacts on the housing fund will reduce the Council’s flexibility to undertake other assisted housing activities such as building new or replacing existing units over the next ten years

5.         Notes that the financial assumptions rely on the Government accepting space heaters of less than 2.4 kilowatts as an acceptable solution.  Should the government not accept these heaters and require the installation of heat pumps, then the fund will go into deficit.




3.   Context/Background


3.1       In December 2017, the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act (No 2) passed into law.  The Act changed the current law to ensure that every rental home in New Zealand meets minimum standards of heating and insulation.  It also enables the government to create regulations that set minimum standards for rental homes — the Healthy Homes Standards.

3.2       The healthy homes standards will set minimum requirements for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in residential rental properties.

3.3       Consultation on the standards opened on 04 September 2018.  A key part of the consultation is a discussion document outlining options for the standards and an online submission form available at: www.mbie.govt.nz/healthy-homes 

3.4       Consultation is open for seven weeks with submissions closing at 6pm on Monday 22 October.

Council’s Policy Position

3.5       Council has an interest in housing, as set out in the Housing Policy 2016 and other documents.  

3.6       A key goal of the Housing Policy is:

Housing quality - Improve the standards, regulations and monitoring on housing design and quality to achieve healthier housing for households irrespective of their income.

3.7       Given this goal, Council has a direct interest in the healthy home standards.

3.8       Council also owns significant numbers of residential houses, which it leases to the Otautahi Community Housing Trust for social housing purposes.  The direction for Council’s social housing is guided by the Social Housing Strategy 2007. 

3.9       The Social Housing Strategy includes several goals pertinent to the healthy homes standards.   Specifically, Council has goals to:

3.9.1   support best practice for warm, dry and safe housing;

3.9.2   set rentals that provide for the sustainable operation of, and investment in, Council’s social housing portfolio;

3.9.3   set rents at an affordable levels for tenants; and

3.9.4   operate the Council’s social housing on a rates neutral basis.

3.10    These goals indicate that Council has an interest in improving the overall standards for warm, dry and safe housing.  This interest needs to be balanced against the financial sustainability of the portfolio, being aware of the impact on rental and Council’s rate neutral policy.

Council’s Submission

3.11    Officers have prepared a draft submission for Council’s consideration.  The draft submission tries to balance improving standards with maintaining the financial sustainability of Council’s portfolio.

3.12    Financial analysis shows that, subject to a reasonable time frame and the acceptance of fixed space heaters of less than 2.4 kilowatts as an acceptable solution, Council‘s housing fund will remain solvent even at the highest proposed standard.

3.13    Should heat pumps be required or shorter time frames required, Council’s housing fund could become insolvent, requiring top ups from other sources (eg rates, Government grants) or increases to rents.

3.14    Even if the fund remains solvent, the impact of the new standards will be to delay replacement and further reduce Council’s ability to build new social housing.

3.15    To avoid, or reduce the impacts of, this situation it may be appropriate for Council to lobby the Government to provide grants to assist public and not-for -profit landlords of housing provided for low income tenants to meet the standards. 









Draft Healthy Homes Standards Submission




Confirmation of Statutory Compliance

Compliance with Statutory Decision-making Requirements (ss 76 - 81 Local Government Act 2002).

(a) This report contains:

(i)  sufficient information about all reasonably practicable options identified and assessed in terms of their advantages and disadvantages; and

(ii) adequate consideration of the views and preferences of affected and interested persons bearing in mind any proposed or previous community engagement.

(b) The information reflects the level of significance of the matters covered by the report, as determined in accordance with the Council's significance and engagement policy.




Claire Milne - Manager Social Housing

Approved By

Bruce Rendall - Head of Facilities, Property & Planning


Housing Subcommittee

05 October 2018


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