Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee




Date:                                     Thursday 25 October 2018

Time:                                    6pm

Venue:                                 University of Canterbury,
Arts Road




Deputy Chairperson









Environment Canterbury


University of Canterbury



Christchurch International Airport Ltd

Lance Kenyon - Community Representative

Kevin Brown - Community Representative

Helen Caley - Community Representative

Gareth Oddy - Community Representative

Robert Wynn-Williams - Community Representative

Suzanne Furkert - Community Representative

Councillor Tom Lambie - Environment Canterbury

Les Wanhalla - Te Taumutu Rūnanga


Michele Stevenson, Deepani Seneviratna


Aisling O’Sullivan, Anna Nilsson, Kendall Hofland, Alice Burrell, Daniel Southwood, Toby Way, Forrest Bilek, Fabio Silviera, Tom Cochrane


Felicity Blackmore and Jessica



1 November 2018


Zone Facilitator

Olivia Smith

Zone Facilitator

Tel: 027 886 3949

Environment Canterbury

Principal Advisor

Diane Shelander

Senior Policy Analyst

Tel: 941 8304

Christchurch City Council

Committee Advisor

Liz Ryley

Tel: 941 8153

Christchurch City Council

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Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee

25 October 2018






1.   Introduction and Apologies

Kevin Brown welcomed everyone to discuss stormwater issues and treatments.


Apologies were received from Zone Committee members, Carly Sluys, Herewini Banks, Councillor Hasson and Councillor Cotter.


2.   Addressing Stormwater Issues


2.1       University of Canterbury

             A presentation was given titled “Quantifying the Contaminant Retention of Different Media in Raingardens” by University students, Alice Burrell, Kendall Hofland, Daniel Southwood and Toby Way.

             A site visit on the University grounds was undertaken to view raingardens, storminators and Stormwater360 Jellyfish Filter systems. 

2.2       Christchurch International Airport Ltd

             A presentation was given by Christchurch International Airport Ltd staff members, including information on what the company does, its stormwater infrastructure, and compliance and monitoring.




Concluded at 8pm.