Coastal-Burwood Community Board

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Monday 16 April 2018

Time:                                    4:33pm

Venue:                                 Boardroom, Corner Beresford and Union Streets,
New Brighton






Kim Money

Tim Baker

David East

Glenn Livingstone

Linda Stewart



13 April 2018






Jo Wells

Manager Community Governance, Coastal-Burwood

941 6451

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Coastal-Burwood Community Board

16 April 2018


Part A        Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation




The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Part C

An apology was received and accepted from Tim Sintes


Tim Baker/Glenn Livingstone                                                                                                                               Carried

2.   Declarations of Interest

Part B

Linda Stewart declared an interest in Item 9, Coastal-Burwood Community Board Discretionary Response Fund 2017/18 Application - Burwood Park Fitness Trail Opening.

3.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Part C

Community Board Resolved CBCB/2018/00019

Community Board Decision

That the minutes of the Coastal-Burwood Community Board meeting held on Tuesday, 3 April 2018 be confirmed, subject to the changes as follows:

12.4    the spelling of David East and Glenn Livingstone’s names be corrected.

Kim Money/Glenn Livingstone                                                                                                                              Carried


4.   Public Forum

Part B

There were no public forum presentations.

5.   Deputations by Appointment

Part B

There were no deputations by appointment.

6.   Presentation of Petitions

Part B

There was no presentation of petitions.  



7.   Correspondence


Staff Recommendations

That the Coastal-Burwood Community Board:

1.              Receive the information in the correspondence report dated 16 April 2018.


Community Board Resolved CBCB/2018/00020

Part B

That the Coastal-Burwood Community Board:

1.              Receive the information in the correspondence report dated 16 April 2018, including late correspondence regarding Burwood, Dallington and Avondale Associations.


2.              Having considered the issue of Freedom Camping,  request that staff consider trimming the shrubbery of the parking laybys in Marine Parade opposite Thomson Park to

a.              Improve vehicle safety when exiting.

b.             Provide visibility from the road of occupancy

3.              Request staff to consider signage in popular Freedom Camping sites to promote the availability of the South Brighton Holiday Park.

4.              With reference to the Burwood, Dallington and Avondale Associations correspondence, notes its support for the Proposal and seeks advice from staff on the status of the disposal process for Burwood School Site and how it could be secured for community use, (initially this is to activate the space and long term, with a view to a community Hub being established)

Linda Stewart/Glenn Livingstone                                                                                                                         Carried


8.   Briefings


Part B

8.1   Caroline Shone, on behalf of Community Energy Action, provided the Board with an update on the group’s activities.

After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Caroline Shone  for her presentation.

8.2   Natalie Dally, Community Development Advisor, provided an update to the Board on the Memorandum of Understanding with the Aranui Community Trust.

After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Natalie Dally for her presentation

8.3   Natalie Dally (Community Development Advisor), accompanied by Dieter Steinegg (Arborist Citywide), Chris Greenshields (Landscape Architect) and Kim Swarbrick (Engagement Advisor) provided an update to the Board on proposed changes to the Westhaven Tree Replacement programme.

After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Natalie Dally and attending staff for their presentation.





9.   Coastal-Burwood Community Board Discretionary Response Fund 2017/18 Application - Burwood Park Fitness Trail Opening


Community Board Resolved CBCB/2018/00021

Part C

That the Coastal-Burwood Community Board:

1.              Approves a grant of $1,000 to the Coastal-Burwood community Board towards the Burwood Park Fitness Trail opening event.

Glenn Livingstone/Tim Baker                                                                                                                                 Carried

Linda Stewart abstained from the debate and voting.


10. Elected Members’ Information Exchange

Part B

Board members exchanged information on matters of current interest including:

·      A local church has expressed an interest in using the Aranui Primary School site

·      South Brighton Residents Association met recently. The Association’s current concerns include the boat ramp at Hardy Street and stop banks alongside South Brighton

·      Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’ High School Zone submission – currently out for public feedback.  The Board will develop feedback

·      The proposed opening function for Burwood Park outdoor gym is midday on 4 May

·      The Board is concerned at the ongoing flooding at the Anzac Drive/Pages Road intersection

·      Matters referred to a subsequent meeting for further discussion were:

·      ANZAC Bridge Fronds in relation to bridge repair

    On 11 April 2018,  Kim Money (Chairperson) and Tim Sintes (Deputy Chairperson) spoke on behalf of the Coastal-Burwood Community Board regarding item 11 of the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee Agenda - Southshore South New Brighton Temporary Floodplain Management Update.


      Given the staff preferred option in the report was Option 1, the deputation feedback was in relation to Option 1 (Option 1 is to reprioritise the works from Seafield Place to the Jetty (preferred option).  This option retains the extension of the Avon stopbanks in the immediate vicinity of Bridge Street.  The re-prioritised works would be progressed if the Southshore and South New Brighton Regeneration Strategy for the area identified them as a preferred option).


      At this meeting, the Board further discussed the report and the majority of the Board agreed upon the following feedback in relation to all options:


     Understand the reprioritisation of the northern bund within the Land Drainage Recovery Programme but concerned that the budget could be lost

     Ask that the budget is retained for the bund to be completed at a later date

     Ask that the funding that has been deferred for the bund be used for permanent edge repairs in the South Brighton Domain (adjacent to the camping ground and yacht club)

     Residents around Seafield Place, Cradock Street and the School may continue to feel vulnerable

     Request Council staff speak directly to these residents/ the School to inform them of the change of plans

     Desire to resolve flood protection between and Bridge Street and the jetty – asked that all options are considered, including but not limited to a regeneration strategy


      At the deputation there was a question asking if the Board’s preference would be Option 2 of the report (Option 2 is to continue with the original proposal. Progress with works as per Council resolution of 10 October 2017 and construct bunding South of Bridge St extending to the jetty).


      At this meeting, the Board discussed this and the majority of the Board agreed that their feedback to this question was that Option 2 of the report would be the Board’s preferred option.  The Board also noted that all previous discussions on flooding in the area was based in a one in a hundred year event, whereas this report was based on a one in fifty year event.





Meeting concluded at 7.12pm




Kim Money