Health and Safety Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Friday 9 March 2018

Time:                                    9:01am

Venue:                                 Committee Room 1, Level 2, Civic Offices,
53 Hereford Street, Christchurch





Deputy Chairperson


Councillor Jamie Gough

Councillor David East

Councillor Aaron Keown

Mr Murray Harrington

Mr Paul Coleman



9 March 2018




Principal Advisor

Emma Davis

Head of Human Resources


Mark Saunders

Committee and Hearings Advisor

941 6436

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Health and Safety Committee

09 March 2018


Part A        Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation




The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Part C



Committee Resolved HSCM/2018/00001

It was resolved on the motion of Councillor Gough, seconded by Mr Coleman that the apology for lateness from Councillor Keown be accepted.

Councillor Gough/Mr Coleman                                                                                                                              Carried


2.   Declarations of Interest

Part B

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


3.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Part C

Committee Resolved HSCM/2018/00002

Committee Decision

That the minutes of the Health and Safety Committee meeting held on Friday, 15 December 2017 be confirmed.

Councillor East/Mr Harrington                                                                                                                               Carried


4.   Public Forum

Part B

There were no public forum presentations.

5.   Deputations by Appointment

Part B

There were no deputations by appointment.

6.   Presentation of Petitions

Part B

There was no presentation of petitions.

7.   Quarterly Health, Safety and Wellbeing Update


Committee Comment

1.       The Committee accepted the Staff Recommendations, though additionally, noting the references in the report to “Health, Safety & Wellbeing (HSW)”, and regarding “Wellbeing” as an important third pillar added to “Health and Safety”, considered that it should seek to be re-named the “Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee” to reflect the Committee’s regard for the three pillars of Health, Safety and Wellbeing.


2.       With the Council’s approval of the name change, the Committee’s Terms of Reference would be amended as necessary to update the references to the Committee’s name therein, though it is already stated therein that the Committee’s purpose is to:

Maintain and continually improve Health, Safety & Wellbeing by promoting consultation, cooperation and coordination between Management and Council. Ensuring active engagement in the ongoing development of a health, safety and wellbeing programmes. 


Committee Resolved HSCM/2018/00003

Part C

That the Health and Safety Committee:

1.         Receive and consider the information in this report.

Councillor Gough/Mr Coleman                                                                                                                              Carried


Committee Decided HSCM/2018/00004

Part A

That the Health and Safety Committee recommends that the Council:

1.         Receive the information in this report.

2.         Approve the Committee’s name changing to become the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee.

Councillor Gough/Mr Harrington                                                                                                                          Carried


8     Resolution to Exclude the Public


Committee Resolved HSCM/2018/00005

Part C

That at 9:19am the resolution to exclude the public set out on pages 14 to 15 of the agenda be adopted.

Councillor East/Councillor Gough                                                                                                                            Carried


The public were re-admitted to the meeting at 10:00am.


Meeting concluded at 10:01am.




Councillor Jamie Gough