Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Friday 9 March 2018

Time:                                    9am

Venue:                                 Council Chamber, Environment Canterbury,
200 Tuam Street






Bill Wasley                                         

Councillor Cynthia Roberts , Environment Canterbury      

Councillor Peter Skelton , Environment Canterbury           

Deputy Mayor Malcolm Lyall , Selwyn District Council       

Councillor Mark Alexander , Selwyn District Council           

Mayor David Ayers , Waimakariri District Council    

Deputy Mayor Kevin Felstead , Waimakariri District Council        

Councillor Neville Atkinson , Waimakariri District Council 

Councillor Phil Clearwater , Christchurch City Council        

Councillor Sara Templeton , Christchurch City Council       

Jane Huria , Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu  

Gail Gordon , Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu            

(Non-Voting Member) Jim Harland , New Zealand Transport Agency 



8 March 2018






Aidan Kimberley

Committee and Hearings Advisor

941 6566


Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee

09 March 2018




The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Committee Resolved GCPC/2018/00001

That the apologies from Chairman Steve Lowndes, Ivan Iafeta, Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Mayor Sam Broughton, Kelvan Smith, Dr Te Maire Tau and Tā Mark Solomon be accepted.

Councillor Mark Alexander/Deputy Mayor Kevin Felstead                                                                        Carried


2.   Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


3.   Deputations by Appointment

There were no deputations by appointment.

4.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Committee Resolved GCPC/2018/00002

Committee Decision

That the minutes of the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee meeting held on Friday, 3 November 2017 be confirmed.

Councillor Peter Skelton/Councillor Cynthia Roberts                                                                                   Carried



5.   Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessment for Greater Christchurch


Committee Comment

Keith Tallentire delivered a presentation to introduce this item. During the discussion that followed, the following points were raised:

·         The Committee discussed the difference between capacity and demand, and requested that the document be edited to clarify the delineation between the two. Staff reiterated that the assessment has shown there is sufficient capacity at a regional level, but when broken down by district the data forecasts a potential medium term undersupply of capacity in the Waimakariri District.

·         The Committee discussed whether the document should be finalised to allow work to progress on the Future Development Strategy, acknowledging that the data will always be a snapshot in time and subject to periodic revision.

·         The Independent Chair acknowledged the importance of progressing the Future Development Strategy, but stated a preference for retaining the assessment summary report as a draft until the Partners have had further opportunity to provide feedback.

·         Cynthia Roberts queried whether the assessment took into account demand for Horticultural land. Staff advised that the assessment focused on urban activities. The Committee agreed that demand for and protection of horticultural land needs to be considered, but as part of other processes.

·         The Committee acknowledged the work staff have done to reach this point, particularly given the limitations of the feasibility assessment tool provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

·         Jim Harland noted the impacts on the transport network set out on page 43 of Attachment A, particularly the impact on journey times to the City from the Selwyn and Waimakariri Districts. The Committee agreed that this needs to be taken into account for transport planning and policy decisions.

The meeting adjourned at 09:51am and resumed at 10:08am.

Councillor Templeton left the meeting during the adjournment.


Committee Resolved GCPC/2018/00003

That the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee:

1.         Agrees that the housing and business development capacity assessment summary document remain as a draft.

2.         Notes the findings of the draft Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessment summary document and from the assessment work undertaken to date, which indicate that at a Greater Christchurch level there is sufficient zoned land in the short and possibly medium term to meet potential projected demand, but that there may be emerging shortages in the Selwyn and Waimakariri Districts on the longer term (beyond 10 years). These potential shortages will need to be considered through the subsequent Future Development Strategy process, the District Plan reviews underway in Selwyn and Waimakariri Districts and potentially changes to other planning documents including the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement.

 3.        Approves the draft Housing and Business Development Capacity assessment summary document included as attachment A for provision to the Ministry for the Environment and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment officials for evaluation purposes, together with supporting technical reports and documents

 4.        Agrees that the assessment summary report remain as a working draft so any feedback from the Ministry for the Environment and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment officials can be considered, and also provide an ability for consideration of any emerging government policy and further work of the partners in respect of preparation of the Future Development Strategy and any further advice from the Chief Executives Advisory Group on these matters.

5.         Notes that at this time the Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessment summary document, and supporting technical reports and appendices, will not address the detailed elements of housing feasibility work.

6.         Delegates authority to the Independent Chair, in liaison with the Chief Executives Advisory Group, to make any minor amendments to the Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessment summary document following feedback from this Committee including clarifying statements and terminology in the summary findings regarding demand and capacity (supply).

7.         Notes that the Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessment summary document, together with supporting technical reports and appendices will be published on the Partnership website to coincide with planned awareness raising communications as part of the release of a consultation draft of a future development strategy.

8.         Agrees that the challenges and questionable value of the approach to assessing commercial feasibility, outlined in the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity and supporting guidance, is raised as part of Partnership discussions with relevant Ministers and Government officials.

9.         Notes that the modelling in the report highlights the significant and critical impacts on the transport network.

Councillor Neville Atkinson/Mayor David Ayers                                                                                             Carried



6.   Scope for developing the Future Development Strategy for Greater Christchurch


Committee Comment

During the discussion on this item, the following points were raised:

·         Gail Gordon requested that the Partnership structures the Future Development Strategy to clearly integrate and reflect the aspirations and values of Mana Whenua; and requested:

o   That the Partnership take into account the success of the consultation process used to develop the Whakaraupō Harbour Catchment Management Plan.

o   That the Chief Executives Advisory Group gives consideration to how that model could be used for the Future Development Strategy.

·         Jane Huria endorsed these comments and reiterated the importance of recognising Iwi as full partners in the process, rather than just stakeholders.

·         Peter Skelton sought clarification on the intended process to be used for the Hearings Panel. Staff undertook to provide further advice from the Chief Executives Advisory Group to the Committee on this matter, but advised that the current intention is to hold the Hearings this year.


Committee Resolved GCPC/2018/00004

Part C

That the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee:

1.         Endorses the proposed approach in principle to the development of a future development strategy, as outlined in the report.

2.         Notes that further advice signalled in this report will be provided by the Chief Executive Advisory Group at future meetings of this Committee, and in particular the detailed scope and key principles including values and aspirations of Mana Whenua on which the Future Development Strategy should be based.

Mayor David Ayers/Councillor Peter Skelton                                                                                                  Carried


Councillor Cynthia Roberts left the meeting at 10:37 a.m during the discussion of item 7.


7.   Natural Environment Group - Programme and Progress Report


Committee Comment

Keith Tallentire introduced the report, and acknowledged it was written for the April-September 2017 period and so information may not be fully up to date in some places.


Committee Resolved GCPC/2018/00005

Part C

That the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee:

1.         Receives the Natural Environment programme and progress report – April to September 2017

2.         Recommends that the report be circulated as appropriate within partner organisations for information

Deputy Mayor Malcolm Lyall/Councillor Phil Clearwater                                                                            Carried



8.   Urban Development and Regeneration Update - February 2018


Committee Comment

Peter Skelton noted that the Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration has put a proposal out for consultation on the Redcliffs School site, which is a matter of interest to the Committee.


Committee Resolved GCPC/2018/00006

Part C

That the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee:

1.         Receives the attached Urban Development and Regeneration Update.

Deputy Mayor Kevin Felstead/Councillor Neville Atkinson                                                                       Carried


  Before the meeting closed the Independent Chair made the following announcements:

·           This was Kelvan Smith’s last meeting as the Director of the Greater Christchurch Group at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Kelvan will be succeeded by Anne Shaw.

·           Craig Friedel, staff member at the Selwyn District Council has moved into a new role. The Chair thanked Craig for his assistance to the Partnership in his former role.



Meeting concluded at 10:44am.





Bill Wasley