Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Tuesday 17 October 2017

Time:                                    4pm

Venue:                                 Te Ruma Hui a-Hapori o Ohinehou Lyttelton Community Boardroom, 25 Canterbury Street, Lyttelton






Paula Smith - Community Representative

Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner, Christchurch City Council – departed 5.05pm  

Pam Richardson - Community Representative        

Ian Lloyd - Community Representative – arrived 4.15pm   

Kevin Simcock - Community Representative – departed 7.45pm

June Swindells - Te Hapū  o Ngāti Wheke/Rapaki   

Manaia Cunningham - Te Runanga o Koukourarata             – departed 8.07pm

Pere Tainui - Te Runanga o Onuku       

Claire Findlay - Community Representative 

Thomas Kulpe - Community Representative            



14 November 2017


Principal Advisor

Peter  Kingsbury

Principal Advisor  Natural Resources

Tel: 941 8487

Christchurch City Council

Zone Facilitator

Olivia Smith

Zone Facilitator

Tel: 027 886 3949

Environment Canterbury

Committee Advisor

Warren Brixton

Council Secretariat

Tel: 941 8999

Christchurch City Council

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Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee

17 October 2017





The meeting opened with a Karakia led by Pere Tainui.


The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

An apology for absence from Elizabeth Cunningham, and for early departure from Mania Cunningham and Andrew Turner, were accepted.


2.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Committee Decision

It was decided that the minutes of the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee meeting held on Tuesday, 19 September 2017 be accepted, subject to the following amendments:

8. Summit Road Society Update

The name “John Goddard” to be replaced by “John Goodrich”,

12. Establishment of a Community Fund

Add the words “for urgent water management/catchment” to recommendation 2 as a means of explanation.

3.   Matters Arising from the Minutes



         Morgan’s Gully Planting – Immediate Steps Project. The applicant was still interested in proceeding with the project and had sent Environment Canterbury an email to that effect.  The Committee was advised about how the applicant intends to address the concerns raised by the Committee earlier in the year.  It was agreed that the proposed actions addressed the Committee's concerns and therefore the project would be supported.  It was agreed a motion would be passed in support of this project during the Immediate Steps Funding agenda item.

4.   Deputations by Appointment

There were no deputations by appointment.

5.   Identification of Urgent Items



6.   Identification of General Public Contributions


Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust - Marie Haley spoke of The Wildside Project, covering the key lessons they have learned from monitoring.  Marie reinforced the importance of keeping it simple and acknowledging that you cannot monitor everything.  She highlighted the importance of monitoring one or two things that you can easily and effectively monitor long term.  Marie noted they do use some science assumptions to inform their monitoring and their interpretation of their monitoring results.

Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust - Marie Neal provided information about the Trust and each of the projects that they are seeking IMS funding for.  The Trust currently has 65 covenants registered on 1132 ha plus 43 expressions of interest.

Okuti Valley River Projects – Alison Evans talked about a proposed community project to protect, enhance and monitor the Okuti River. The project includes:

·                Education

·                Environmental monitoring

·                Legal protection (develop framework for stewardship)

·                Clean water supply/prevent flooding


It was agreed to bring forward the Immediate Steps report on the agenda.

10. Immediate Steps Projects for Decision


Consideration was given to each of the following projects:


·           Morgan’s Gully

·           Stony Bay Stream Covenant

·           Belleau Wood Covenant

·           Onuku Heights Reserve

·           Orton Bradley Stream and Wetlands

·           Okuti Valley Catchment

·           Holmes Bay Stream

·           Sam’s Gully


In view of the projects funding requirements exceeding the allocation available two scenarios were presented to show how funding might be spread.


Pam Richardson declared a conflict of interest in the Holmes Bay project and took no further part in the discussion and decision made on this project.



Staff Recommendations

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

Recommend that the zone committee support some of the new Immediate Steps projects, prioritizing covenants. The total funding requested is $106,481, exceeding the 2017/2018 funds.


Joint Committee Decision

The Banks Peninsula Water Management Committee decided that Scenario No 1 comprising:

·            Morgan’s Gully, Diamond Harbour $5,000

·            Stony Bay Stream Covenant $51,255

·            Belleau Wood Covenant $10,460

·            Onuku Heights Reserve $11,700

·            Okuti Valley Catchment $10,000 (provide continuing level of funding for 5 years, subject to availability of Environment Canterbury Immediate Steps Programme funding allocation)


be supported as the consensus view, but with the expectation that the same level of IMS funding would be available for the next 5 years.


(i)        Following Thomas Kulpe’s explanation of Pieter van Leeuwen’s proposal the Committee had agreed its criteria had been met.

(ii)       Recommended that Orton Bradley Stream & Wetland project be looked at favourably from Whakaraupo funding, or they reapply next year.

(iii)      Christchurch City Council has $200k available for key biodiversity projects.


A dinner break was taken between 6.45pm and 7.18pm.


8.   Finalising Feedback for Councils Long Term Plan


The Zone Committee Facilitator tabled amended feedback proposals for both Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council.

Members identified the following additional items for inclusion in the Long Term Plan feedback:

·            Survey and fencing of Esplanade Reserve, Okuti Valley (CCC)

·            Support for Water Partnership Programme Fund (CCC)

·            Feasibility study for wetland/sediment intervention in Wairewa (CCC)

·            Continued financial support for SES programme including surveys and the biodiversity fund (CCC)

·            Investigation into wastewater system for Little River (CCC)

·            Ecosystem Guidance Document (Ecan)

·            Protection and restoration of wetlands (Ecan)



Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receive the report.

2.         Confirm the feedback to be provided to Councils as amended.


13. Banks Peninsula Zone Committee, 5 year Integrated Work Programme - Quarterly Report


An explanation of milestones and actions as detailed in the attachments was provided by Geoff Thompson and Shelly Washington.


Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

Receives the report.


12. Compliance Monitoring Summary for 2016/17


Gillian Jenkins provided a power point presentation as a “snapshot” of the Banks Peninsula Zone to accompany the consents monitored and incidents reported chart.


Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receive the update



In view of the time it was decided to hold over the following reports:

·                Onsite Wastewater Management – Next Steps

·                Review of ZIP Chapters

·                Facilitators Update


Meeting concluded at 8.35pm.




Paula Smith