Banks Peninsula Community Board

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Monday 9 October 2017

Time:                                    1:05pm

Venue:                                 Akaroa Sports Complex, Akaroa Recreation Ground,
28 Rue Jolie, Akaroa





Deputy Chairperson


Christine Wilson

Pam Richardson

Felix Dawson

Janis Haley

John McLister

Jed O'Donoghue

Tori Peden

Andrew Turner



9 October 2017






Joan Blatchford

Manager Community Governance, Banks Peninsula/Lyttelton

941 5643


Penelope Goldstone

Manager Community Governance, Banks Peninsula/Akaroa

941 5689

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Banks Peninsula Community Board

09 October 2017


 Part A       Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation



Mihi/Karakia Timatanga: Pam Richardson


The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Part C

An apology for lateness was received and accepted for John McLister.


2.   Declarations of Interest

Part B

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


3.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Part C

Community Board Resolved BKCB/2017/00138

Community Board Decision

That the minutes, both open and closed, of the Banks Peninsula Community Board meeting held on Monday, 25 September 2017 be confirmed.

Christine Wilson/Jed O'Donoghue                                                                                                                       Carried


4.   Public Forum

Part B


4.1       Little River Community Trust

Fiona Nicol, Matt Burch and Janet Reeves spoke to the Board regarding the Little River Community Trust’s submission to the Long Term Plan.  The submission would focus on five main priorities including solutions to flooding, wastewater (freshwater decontamination) for Little River, a combined medical and sports facility and funding for recreational facilities.

The Board received this information and thanked Fiona, Matt and Janet for their attendance.


4.2       Victoria Andrews

Victoria Andrews presented a letter to the Board regarding the following issues:

1.       The Lyttelton Port Company Cruise Ship Terminal

2.       Structures on the Akaroa Wharf

3.       Akaroa Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility improvements

4.       Future of Heritage in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula project

5.       The slip adjacent to Akaroa Lighthouse

6.       Freedom campers

The Board received this information and thanked Victoria for her presentation.

5.   Deputations by Appointment

Part B

There were no deputations by appointment.


6.   Presentation of Petitions

Part B

There was no presentation of petitions.  

7.   Reserve Management Committee


Community Board Resolved BKCB/2017/00139

Staff recommendation accepted without change

Part B

That the Banks Peninsula Community Board:

Receive the minutes of the following Reserve Management Committee meetings:

1.         Duvauchelle Reserves Management Committee Minutes - 21 August 2017

2.         Lyttelton Recreation Ground Reserve Management Committee Minutes 21 August 2017

3.         Lyttelton Reserves Management Committee Minutes - 11 September 2017

4.         Robinsons Bay Reserve Management Committee - 25 September 2017

Felix Dawson/Janis Haley                                                                                                                                         Carried


8.   Compliance Issues


Richard Neale did not attend as scheduled on the agenda to brief the Board on compliance matters. He expects to be able to brief the Board at its next meeting.


10. Public Consultation - Draft Takapuneke Reserve Management Plan


Community Board Resolved BKCB/2017/00140 (staff recommendation accepted without change)

Part C

That the Banks Peninsula Community Board:

1.         Approve the release of the draft Takapūneke Reserve Management Plan for public consultation commencing 11 October 2017 until 5pm 15 December 2017 as per the Reserves Act 1977 section 41 and invite persons and interested organisations to submit written submissions.

Felix Dawson/Tori Peden                                                                                                                                         Carried



11. Banks Peninsula Discretionary Response Fund 9 October 2017 Report


Community Board Resolved BKCB/2017/00141

Staff recommendation accepted without change

Part C

That the Banks Peninsula Community Board:

1.         Makes a grant of $850 to Project Lyttelton towards the 21 Day Challenge.

Pam Richardson/Tori Peden                                                                                                                                   Carried


12. Banks Peninsula Community Board Area Report


Staff Recommendations 

That the Banks Peninsula Community Board:

1.         Receive the Area Update.

2.         Agree to the Akaroa Treated Wastewater Reuse Options Working Party being reconvened.

3.         Request that the Working Party make recommendations to the Community Board on aspects of the Terms of Reference including Composition, Responsibilities, Timeframes and Meeting Schedule.

4.         Amend the Objectives of the Working Party as under Item 6.1.4 of this report.


Community Board Resolved BKCB/2017/00142

Part B

That the Banks Peninsula Community Board:

1.         Receive the Area Update.

Pam Richardson/Christine Wilson                                                                                                                        Carried



12.1    Akaroa Treated Wastewater Reuse Options Working Party

Part B

             That the Banks Peninsula Community Board:

1.              The Board asked that staff bring more information to the next Board meeting regarding the reconvening of the Akaroa Treated Wastewater Reuse Options Working Party and its Terms of Reference.


John McLister arrived at 2:37pm.

13. Elected Members’ Information Exchange

Part B

The Board received and noted information from members.


13.1    Letters of Support

Community Board Resolved BKCB/2017/00143

            The Board decided to supply letters of support for:

            1.      The Whakaraupō Carving Centre for its funding application to the Rata Foundation for administration and wages costs.

            2.      Te Hapu o Ngāti Wheke for its funding applications to undertake a range of training initiatives to grow the cultural capacity of the hapu.

Pam Richardson/Jed O'Donoghue                                                                                                                       Carried


13.2    Cruise Ships in Akaroa

             The Board requested information from staff regarding the number of cruise ships that can visit Akaroa on any one day, and whether Council can take any steps to restrict ships so that there are not “double cruise ship days” involving large ships.


13.3    Little River Fire Brigade

             The Board was informed that changes to the Little River Fire Brigade appliances may have left the brigade without sufficient water capacity.

             The Board requested an update from staff regarding the capacity of the transportable water              for the Little River Fire Brigade.


13.4    Boat Wash in Akaroa

             The Board requested information from staff regarding the boat wash adjacent to the Akaroa Boat Compound, including why the wash was not operational and whether it could be reconnected again now that Akaroa’s water quantity had been improved.


9.   Lyttelton Mural Update

Kiri Jarden briefed the Board on the opportunity to undertake mural projects in Lyttelton.


The Board thanked Kiri for her briefing and noted the information.

Karakia Whakamutunga: Pam Richardson  

Meeting concluded at 2:47pm.


Christine Wilson