Finance and Performance Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Wednesday 2 August 2017

Time:                                    9am

Venue:                                 Council Chambers, Civic Offices,
53 Hereford Street, Christchurch




Deputy Chairperson


Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner

Councillor Vicki Buck

Councillor Jimmy Chen

Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Councillor Mike Davidson

Councillor Anne Galloway

Councillor Jamie Gough

Councillor Yani Johanson

Councillor Deon Swiggs



2 August 2017




Principal Advisor

Carol Bellette

General Manager Finance and Commercial


Aidan Kimberley

Committee and Hearings Advisor

941 6566

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Finance and Performance Committee

02 August 2017


Part A        Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation




The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Part C

Committee Resolved FPCM/2017/00039

That the apology from Councillor Manji be accepted.

Deputy Mayor/Councillor Chen                                                                                                                            Carried


2.   Declarations of Interest

Part B

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


3.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Part C

Committee Resolved FPCM/2017/00040

Committee Decision

That the minutes of the Finance and Performance Committee meeting held on Wednesday, 5 July 2017 be confirmed.

Councillor Gough/Councillor Johanson                                                                                                              Carried

4.   Deputations by Appointment

Part B

There were no deputations by appointment.

5.   Presentation of Petitions

Part B

There was no presentation of petitions.


16. Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports


Committee Resolved FPCM/2017/00041

That the reports be received and considered at the Finance and Performance Committee meeting on Wednesday, 2 August 2017.

Public Excluded Items

17.       Christchurch Town Hall Briefing to the Finance and Performance Committee

Deputy Mayor/Councillor Swiggs                                                                                                                         Carried

Councillor Buck left the meeting at 09:41 am.

6.   Impact on Business from Council Works


Committee Decided FPCM/2017/00042

Part A

That the Finance and Performance Committee recommends that the Council:

1.         Receive the information in the report.

3.         Require that the managers of all Council infrastructure projects liaise with any businesses, property owners and tenants that front Council infrastructure projects to:

a.         provide best endeavours to minimise disruption

b.         either enable access for pedestrians and vehicles onto the property or agree practical alternative measures to be implemented.

c.         ensure the needs of communities and businesses are identified within the procurement process, and that there is ongoing communication with affected parties.

4.         Request management to report on the level of disruption and success of mitigation measures that have been undertaken on significant projects in the public realm in conjunction with the capital watchlist.

Councillor Gough/Councillor Davidson                                                                                                               Carried

Committee Decided FPCM/2017/00043

That the Finance and Performance Committee recommends that the Council:

2.       Note that financial compensation for businesses or other ratepayers affected by the Council’s infrastructure works (whether through the rates system or a Grant) is not considered feasible.

Councillor Gough/Councillor Davidson                                                                                                               Carried

Councillors Johanson and Swiggs requested their votes against the resolution be recorded.



Councillor Johanson moved by way of amendment that Clause 2 be replaced with the following:

2.       Request staff to investigate the establishment of a hardship grant scheme for businesses significantly adversely affected by Council works.

The amendment was seconded by Councillor Swiggs and on being put the meeting was declared lost.

Councillor Johanson/Councillor Swiggs                                                                                                                     Lost


7.   Memorandum of Understanding - the Council, ChristchurchNZ, and Christchurch City Holdings


Committee Decided FPCM/2017/00044

Part A

That the Finance and Performance Committee:

1.         Approves the draft Memorandum of Understanding between the Council, ChristchurchNZ Holdings Ltd, ChristchurchNZ Ltd, and Christchurch City Holdings Ltd, as set out in Attachment A;

2.         If necessary, requests the General Manager Financial and Commercial to make any non-material changes to the document that may be required by the Committee;

3.         Recommends that the Council approves the draft Memorandum of Understanding as set out in Attachment A, and delegates to the Chief Executive authority to sign the Memorandum of Understanding on the Council’s behalf;

Deputy Mayor/Councillor Gough                                                                                                                         Carried


8.   Final 2017/18 Statements of Intent


Committee Decided FPCM/2017/00045

Part A

That the Finance and Performance Committee recommends that the Council:

1.         Notes that the final Statements of Intent for 2017/18 have been received from the following groups of Council-controlled organisations:

a.         Christchurch City Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries – Christchurch International Airport Ltd, Orion New Zealand Ltd, Lyttelton Port Company Ltd, Enable Services Ltd, City Care Ltd, EcoCentral Ltd, Red Bus Ltd and Development Christchurch Ltd.

b.         Council-owned organisations and charitable trusts – Vbase Ltd, Civic Building Ltd, ChristchurchNZ Ltd (formerly Transition Holdings Ltd) and Local Government New Zealand, Riccarton Bush Trust, Christchurch Agency for Energy Trust and Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust.

2.         Notes that the final Statements of Intent for 2017/18 address the Council’s comments on the draft documents made at its meeting on 13 April 2017 (Council resolutions CNCL/2017/00109 and CNCL/2017/00110 refer).

3.         Notes that the Statements of Intent meet the minimum statutory requirements for information to be provided as set out in clauses 9 and 10 of Schedule 8 of the Local Government Act 2002.

4.         Notes that the Statements of Intent will be made public by each of the Council-controlled organisations on or before 31 July 2017.

Mayor/Deputy Mayor                                                                                                                                               Carried


9.   Corporate Finance Report for the period ending 30 June 2017


Committee Decided FPCM/2017/00046

Part A

That the Finance and Performance Committee recommends that the Council:

1.         Receives the information in the report

2.         Notes the on-going but temporary Treasury Policy breach for interest rate re-pricing (hedging), last ratified at the Council meeting of 25 May 2017.

Deputy Mayor/Councillor Chen                                                                                                                            Carried


10. Development Christchurch Ltd - Progress Report June/July 2017


Committee Decided FPCM/2017/00047

Part A

That the Finance and Performance Committee recommends that the Council:

1.         Notes the information contained in Development Christchurch Limited’s Progress Report for June and July 2017.

Deputy Mayor/Mayor                                                                                                                                               Carried


11  Resolution to Exclude the Public


Committee Resolved FPCM/2017/00048

Part C

That Rob Hall, James Stewart and Joel Lieschke of Development Christchurch Limited remain after the public have been excluded for Item 12 of the public excluded agenda as they have knowledge that is relevant to that item and will assist the Council.


That at 10:51am the resolution to exclude the public set out on pages 47 to 48 of the agenda and pages 5 to 6 of the supplementary agenda be adopted.

Deputy Mayor/Councillor Chen                                                                                                                               Carried



The public were re-admitted to the meeting at 12:39pm.



Meeting concluded at 12:39pm.




Councillor raf manji