Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Thursday 22 June 2017

Time:                                    6.07pm

Venue:                                 Environment Canterbury,
200 Tuam Street




Deputy Chairperson


Suzanne Furkert Community Representative (Chair)

Councillor Pauline Cotter, Christchurch City Council

Herewini Banks Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke/Rapaki

Les Wanhalla Te Taumutu Rūnanga

Chris Kelliher Community Representative

Kevin Brown Community Representative

Lance Kenyon Community Representative



In Attendance  Environment Canterbury; Lesley Woudberg, Jenny Watters, Steve Firth, Gill Jenkins, James Tricker and Geoff Thompson; Christchurch City Council; Diane Shelander and Liz Ryley; Cherry Red Consulting; Jackie Curtis; Community Member; Hugh Thorpe; and UC; Jenny Webster-Brown



21 June 2017


Principal Advisor

Diane Shelander

Senior Policy Analyst

Tel: 941 8304

Christchurch City Council

Zone Facilitator

Lesley Woudberg

Tel: 027 706 4273

Environment Canterbury

Committee Advisor

Liz Ryley

Tel: 941 8153

Christchurch City Council

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Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee

22 June 2017





The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00024

That the apologies from Councillor Hasson, Robert Wynn-Williams, Councillor Lambie, Andrew Congalton and Arapata Reuben be accepted.


Councillor Cotter/Member Brown                                                                                                                       Carried


2.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00025

Committee Decision

That the minutes of the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee meeting held on Thursday, 25 May 2017 be confirmed subject to the following amendment:

·         Top of page 9 of the Agenda document, “River and estuary networks input was noted to be requested, along with information via newspaper articles, Facebook and websites.”

Member Wanhalla/Member Kenyon                                                                                                                 Carried


3.   Matters Arising from the Minutes


         Tree Plantings issue

         Diane Shelander referred to an email from Dennis Preston, that covered the following points:

·                Jonathan Hansen, a Council arborist whose area includes the Spreydon-Heathcote ward, has had discussions with Alice Shanks regarding tree plantings that have occurred over the last couple of years along the banks of the Heathcote River.  

·                Trees are typically planted where existing trees were removed.

·                The Mid Heathcote Masterplan allows for both native and exotic species to be planted.

·                Jonathan is going to hold off doing any further plantings until the Land Drainage Recovery Programme (LDRP) Bank Stabilisation plans have been completed, which is expected to be around December 2018.

·                Shane Moohan, the Council’s City-wide arborist and Greenspace Asset Planner, will be the planning point of contact for the LDRP banks stabilisation project.


         Lesley will forward this information to Alice Shanks and the Committee, and contact the Arborist and Residents’ Association.  Discussion was held about the requirement for public consultation around plantings in the 2018 Masterplan.  Councillor Cotter advised she would follow up on these issues at the City Council in relation to land drainage.


         Farming to Good Management Practice

         Lesley will organise for Tami Woods to attend more meetings of the Committee.



         Priority Recreation and Amenity Restoration Sites

         The Committee members were reminded to send their priority sites for restoration to Lesley.  The addition of coastal sites was suggested.


         River and Lake Swimming in the Canterbury Region

         Lesley asked Committee members to send her any local freshwater river and lake swimming sites that have been omitted.  She will provide a map that identifies the sites.  Les advised that Te Taumutu Rūnanga and Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu would not prioritise sites as all waterways were classed by them as wāhi taonga.  There was no consensus in the Committee to list or prioritise waterways.


         Draft Communications Plan


         The Committee noted that the Communications Plan was on track and that water conservation messaging needed to continue.  Use of a U-tube video was suggested.  The Communications Plan will be put into practice.

4.   Deputations by Appointment

There were no deputations by appointment.

5.   Identification of Urgent Items

         No urgent items were identified.

6.   Identification of General Public Contributions

         Hugh Thorpe attended the meeting and contributed to Item 7 below.


7.   Powerpoint - Nitrogen Contribution from Farming in the Christchurch-West Melton Groundwater Protection Zone



Chris Kelliher worked through his Powerpoint presentation titled Nitrogen Contribution from Farming in the Christchurch-West Melton Groundwater Protection Zone, that was included in the agenda.  He tabled a map of the groundwater protection zones and discussion was held about the zones and contours. 


Hugh Thorpe noted the need for more information on the airport and old landfills in that area; and the risk to the groundwater source regarding development.  There should be regular monitored signal wells in that area for early warning of contamination, to be installed further south and sampled at the top layer of the water table.


Advice will be sought from staff about the merits and viability of this suggested monitoring and advice about it will be provided to Mr Thorpe.  A map of where the monitoring is currently undertaken will be provided to Committee members.


Kevin Brown noted that consideration should be given at some point to what rehabilitation should be carried out on quarries.



Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00026

Joint Committee Decision

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Notes the PowerPoint on Nitrogen Contribution from Farming in the Christchurch-West Melton Groundwater Protection Zone.

Member Furkert/Member Kenyon                                                                                                                     Carried


8.   Glyphosate use by Christchurch City Council



Diane Shelander spoke to her report on Glyphosate use by the Christchurch City Council.


The time and effort members of the public take to provide their views to the Committee was acknowledged.



Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00027

Joint Committee Decision

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

2.1       Receive the information in the report.

Councillor Cotter/Member Kelliher                                                                                                                     Carried


9.   Urban Contaminants


Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00028

Joint Committee Decision

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Notes the runsheet for a Technical Workshop on Searching for Solutions - Copper and Zinc Contamination in Urban Streams.

Member Kelliher/Member Wanhalla                                                                                                                 Carried


10. Progress Reports - Verbal



Diane Shelander reported on the following matters in relation to the Christchurch City Council:

·         Weeds on river banks – there is a waterways maintenance budget for this activity and herbicide spraying occurs twice a year, along with mechanical removal of weeds, with constraints during fish spawning.

·         Aquatic weeds – these are controlled using a weed harvester on the Avon and Heathcote Rivers twice a year and on the Styx River three times a year.

·         Debris removal – members of the public should advise the Council if debris is required to be removed.

·         Rubbish booms – funding has been approved to reinstall rubbish booms in the Avon River below Dudley Creek and at the top loop of the Heathcote River.

·         Publicity and communications – Snap Send Solve is available and members of the public can also report issues by phone or the CCC website.

·         Canada Geese – there is funding available in the Council’s 2017/18 Long-term Plan.

·         A transitional walk/cycleway on lower parts of the river is a project that started in April 2017 and will open in early 2018.

·         There is a map available of existing public toilets – noted that there are not many in the Lower Avon River area – Diane will email information about this matter to the Committee.


Suzanne referred to an action from the 23 February 2017 meeting where the Committee agreed to ask the Christchurch City Council to provide a report by 1 June 2017 of what is required to achieve these actions, including annual and long-term planning and budgeting requirements.


Lesley, Diane and Shelley will investigate this and report back to the Committee.



Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00029

Joint Committee Decision

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Notes the verbal progress reports.

Member Kenyon/Member Brown                                                                                                                      Carried


11. Update Working Groups - 22 June 2017


The Committee received updates on the following Working Groups:

·         Urban Contaminant – as reported in the agenda.


·         Rural Catchment

o      Lesley advised that the Christchurch City Council had funding set in its Annual Plan for retention basins for the Port Hills Fire Recovery.


·         Groundwater/Drylands – as reported in the agenda.


·         Communication and Engagement

o      Environment Canterbury has Plan Change 5 in progress regarding Nutrient Management and Waitaki.


·         Biodiversity – Immediate Steps Funding

o      Lance advised that he had met with a number of interest groups and a concept plan would be presented to the Committee at the end of July 2017.  Details will also be provided in due course about work with community groups on the Christchurch City Council’s Water Partnership Programme.


·         Regional Committee – as reported in the agenda.


·         Liaison with Community Groups – as reported in the agenda.


Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00030

Joint Committee Decision

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Receives the Update Working Groups report.

Member Kelliher/Member Furkert                                                                                                                     Carried


12. Facilitator's Update - 22 June 2017


Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00031

Joint Committee Decision

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Receives the Facilitator’s report and notes the upcoming events.

2.         Receives the report from the Whaka Inaka project team and notes with appreciation the level of excitement and engagement that this project generated within the community.

Member Banks/Member Kelliher                                                                                                                        Carried




Meeting concluded at 8.12pm.





DEPUTY Chairperson