Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Tuesday 20 June 2017

Time:                                    4.08pm

Venue:                                 Lyttelton Community Boardroom,
25 Canterbury Street, Lyttelton






Paula Smith - Community Representative    

Pam Richardson - Community Representative        

Andrew Turner - Deputy Mayor Christchurch City Council           

Elizabeth Cunningham - Councillor Environment Canterbury      

Ian Lloyd - Community Representative          

Kevin Simcock - Community Representative

June Swindells - Te Hapū  o Ngāti Wheke/Rapaki   

Manaia Cunningham - Te Runanga o Koukourarata            

Pere Tainui - Te Runanga o Onuku       

Claire Findlay - Community Representative 

Thomas Kulpe - Community Representative

Charlie Zimmerman - Te Runanga o Wairewa           



12 July 2017


Principal Advisor

Peter  Kingsbury

Principal Advisor  Natural Resources

Tel: 941 8487

Christchurch City Council

Zone Facilitator

Lesley Woudberg

Zone Facilitator

Tel: 027 706 4273

Environment Canterbury

Committee Advisor

Warren Brixton

Council Secretariat

Tel: 941 8999

Christchurch City Council

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Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee

20 June 2017






The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

The apologies of Councillors Elizabeth Cunningham and Andrew Turner (for lateness), were accepted.

2.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Committee Decision

It was decided that the minutes of the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee meetings of 16 May 2017, as circulated be confirmed, subject to the following amendments:


7.         Wairewa Lake Health

             Change the word “his” in the second line to “the”


8.         Immediate Steps Biodiversity Projects February 2012 – May 2017

             Add additional sentence to third paragraph -  The assurance given that staff had been in contact with the Morgan’s Gully applicant to convey the decision to approve funding, if no other source has not been found, has on inquiry found not to have been conveyed.


9.         The Year Ahead – 2017

             Farm Environment Plans represented a good way forward.

             There is also a need to address the issues of the more highly developed Whakaraupo and Akaroa Harbour areas with their many small settlements, rural roads etc.


12.       Facilitators Update – 18 April

             Farm Track Stream Pollution

             Change the words” to the forming of a farm track”’ to “new rules on farm access tracks”


3.   Matters Arising from the Minutes


         Wairewa Working Group

In response to a question as to progress with this matter, the Chair reported that this Committee is to provide some advice back to the City Council.


Pam Richardson added that she had discussed the matter with Iaean Cranwell who wanted this matter held in abeyance, until decisions on other related projects are made.


The Chair suggested that to provide a response to the City Council, a workshop involving all stakeholders be set up. It was agreed that a further conversation with Iaean would need to take place first to see if there was interest in establishing a workshop.


ZIP Review

In response to a question, as to why the review of Chapters 1 and 10 is not included in the Agenda, it was reported that it was understood that this work by staff is currently on hold for the present, but would continue. The reason for this is that the focus has been on engaging Christina Robb to produce a CWMS guidance note on a second-generation ZIP, as requested by the zone committee. 


Immediate Steps – Morgan’s Gully Application

Further to the discussion in the confirmation of the minutes on this matter, Ian Lloyd advised that applicant is still unaware of the situation.


Olivia Smith advised that Paul Hulse (Manager of Zone Delivery, Ecan) will call the applicant in July.


         Okains Bay

         Ian Lloyd reported that he has made a “file note” on an assessment of willow in Opara stream. Ian will refer this to Olivia Smith.


         River and Lake Swimming in the Canterbury Region

         It was reported that the author of the report are happy for other sites to be submitted. There are a number of swimming holes at camping grounds such as Okuti Valley and Orton Bradley Park.


         The Committee were reminded that it is just “fresh water” sites. Olivia Smith is to circulate the list of sites that some zone committee members have already provided and will invite further ideas via email.


4.   Deputations by Appointment

There were no deputations by appointment.

5.   Identification of Urgent Items


6.   Identification of General Public Contributions



7.   Facilitators Update - June 2017


Verbal Update

Fish Barriers – Environment Canterbury staff are working with DOC to review fish barrier surveys and identify what work has already been done. This information will be presented to the committee in August. 



Water Partnership Workshop - The date of 3 August 2017 has been set. Details the workshop to be circulated once confirmed.


Helen Beaumont updated the committee on City Councils strategies. Helen advised that the integrated water strategy is 80% completed and the Council is to talk to the Runanga.


There are four goals:

·         Value water

·         Water quality and eco system

·         Manage effect of flooding and climate change

·         Water managed in a sustainable way

Natural Heritage Strategy- Two workshops being held on 27th and 29th June 2017. It was agreed that CCC events should be included in upcoming events.


Farm Environment Plan Workshop- Ian Lloyd and Pam Richardson have had a successful meeting with 17 farmers. The concept of going “Bay to Bay” was supported. The Chair suggested trying “catchment to catchment”


Helen Beaumont advised of the new availability of City Council biodiversity funding. This funding is available for sites of ecological significance. There is $80,000 available in the current financial year and $200,000 in the following financial year.



Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receive the Facilitators Update


8.   Whakaraupo Science Advisory Group


Dr Tim Davies gave a power point presentation on the work of the group covering:


·         Actions Report as part of Catchment Management Plan

·         Broad Values and issues

·         Major drivers and actions

·         Other recommendations

-       Cultural landscape

-       Monitoring Programme

Questions and discussion followed the presentation. Ian Lloyd advised that originally the working group intended to hold community workshops soon however the group have now agreed that it’s best the workshops are held later in the year once a draft plan is complete. In the interim, information will be shared with the community through other communication channels such as the newspaper.



Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receive the update


9.   Fish Monitoring on Banks Peninsula


Dr Tim Davie spoke to his paper. Tim Davie advised that the freshwater fish database is a public database where people can upload and access data. It was suggested that thought be given to integrating this with Mauri. It was also suggested that some fish monitoring should be undertaken at Akaora, given the wastewater issue. Tim advised that a monitoring requirements would likely become part of a consent condition. 



Staff Recommendations Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee endorse the proposed monitoring


Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee :

1.              Receive the report.

2.              Request additional fish monitoring be undertaken over 7 sites, during a 3-year period, with an annual check to be made.

Note: Consideration be given to other sites if further funding becomes available.

Kevin Simcock requested additional sites were needed to be included, otherwise the report as is could not be accepted by him.


10. Wahi Tapu Sites in Banks Peninsula Zone


Peter Ramsden provided some historical context to the report.3


Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receive the map and briefing.


Councillor Andrew Turner joined the meeting at this stage.

11. Immediate Steps Biodiversity Projects - Summary report and Communication  Actions


This report had been presented at the previous meeting by Dr Helen Greenep and had been held over for further consideration.  Olivia Smith enquired as to whether there was general feedback on the report and the proposed communications actions.


Feedback on report- Expectation that more information would be included in the report, including sound scientific data. It was clarified that the intent of the report was to capture landowners experience with their individual project i.e. their thoughts on the challenges and successes of their project.


Feedback on biodiversity communication actions:

·         It was noted that it’s important that the views of the landowners come through in the media stories rather than the Zone Committee.

·         Wildside project a good catchment based project to profile. It was acknowledged the project is getting some media coverage now but would be good to do a story focused on the work behind the project.

·         Profile IMS funding opportunities as part of the FEP workshops.

The importance of applicants receiving appropriate staff support was highlighted.


The Chair retired from the meeting at this stage and her place was taken by the Deputy Chair.



Staff Recommendations Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

·    receive the updated map showing the location of IMS projects in the Banks Peninsula Zone.

·    provide feedback on the proposed actions to communicate IMS projects.

·    consider how committee members can help celebrate projects in the zone.


Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

·    Receives the updated map showing the location of IMS projects in the Banks Peninsula Zone.

·    Supports Environment Canterbury undertaking the communication actions proposed in the paper.


A dinner break was taken between 6.20pm and 6.40pm.

12. Banks Peninsula Zone Committee, 5 Year Integrated Work Programme - Quarterly Report


James Tricker explained that the quarterly report includes actions undertaken by the Environment Canterbury Zone Delivery Team in the last 6 months and actions for the next quarter.


James updated the committee on the recent incident in Okains Bay where a sewage tanker overturned. James thanked zone committee members who helped with promptly communicating the details of the incident to residents.


The committee suggested some additional actions:

·         It was suggested that communications around water conversation should happen in November/ December. It was noted that Akaroa has water restrictions in December, so there should be information ready.

·         It was suggested that the committee could host some sediment workshops around Banks Peninsula

·         Furthermore, a one page information sheet could be developed for excavation workers, farmers etc.

Geoff Thompson advised that farm environment plan meetings have been held at two locations. He then provided a power point presentation update on the Wairewa Steam Bank Stabilisation project

Committee members highlighted some addition actions/updates relevant to outcomes in the quarterly report.


·         Raise awareness of Climate Change effects -The City Council has done some work in updating the Tonkin Taylor report which is being peer reviewed. Engagement with the community will then be undertaken.


·         Resource Consent Monitoring is prioritised within the zone.- Kevin Simcock advised that Andrew Dakers will attend a committee meeting, to discuss septic tank monitoring.  Andrew will attend the August meeting.


·         Support Community Ownership- Considerable work was undertaken last year on the draft Communications Strategy, developing three themes into articles for press releases, and the preparation of the Community Partnership proposal. However, no progress has been made on these in the last quarter and it remains for this work to be further developed. 


Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receives the quarterly report.


13. 5 Year Outcomes - Advocates Update


Further to their written reports members raised the following issues:


Okains Bay Bank Erosion-  Pam Richardson – Concern raised, would like photos of situation, as advice on how to look after your banks needs to be sent out. Pam Richardson and Ian Lloyd are to meet with Ecan engineers and communication staff to come up with a template.


Soil Organic Matter – Thomas Kulpe – Thomas explained what a useful indicator the index is and how it is used overseas. The Chair advised that Ian Lloyd and herself would talk further about the idea further in the context of Farm Environment Plans. It was also suggested that this be considered for inclusion in our advocacy on climate change issues.


Andrew Turner advised of the City Council’s approval of funding for the protection of sites of ecological significance. $80k to be available for the current financial year and $200k in the following financial year. The Chair suggested that it be referred to Community Boards.


Okuti Reserve ‘Living Classroom’- the Chair suggested Alison Evans talk to the Committee about this work. Could do a site visit later in year when committee meet in Wairewa.


Mutton Birds (Shearwaters) – Mania Cunningham – Explained the mutton birds to Maori and the importance of having these returns to Banks Peninsula coast. Mania expressed support for the idea of constructing a predator proof fence at Goat point. It was noted that potential funding could come from the City Council $80k allocation if the site meet the funding criteria. Mania Cunningham is to work on this project with Helen Beaumont and Olivia Smith, with support from the Zone Committee.


Whakaraupo/Lyttelton Harbour Catchment Management – Ian Lloyd advised that the governance group met last week and their meeting minutes will be circulated to stakeholder working group. Progress was now being made on drafting the plan. While workshops with the community had been talked about, it was agreed to communicate information through newspapers etc until a draft plan is complete.


Akaroa Wastewater – Kevin Simcock explained the situation that had occurred requiring the process to be deferred. The flow meter on the system had not been recording correctly and it could be that twice the volume could be discharged. As a result, this could impact on the viability of some of the options so further work is required.


Onuku Marae Tracks – There is a meeting coming up at the Marae on 25th June to outline progress with the Takapuneke Reserve Management Plan- all welcome.



Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

·    Welcomes the updates from committee members and celebrates the progress made.


14. Round Table (Verbal)


No further was added.



Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Committee is to be a joint meeting with Christchurch/West Melton Zone Committee.


The meeting closed with a Karakia led by Peter Ramsden who referred to the passing of Murray Thacker, Okains Bay community member.


Meeting concluded at 8.05pm.




Paula Smith