Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board Submissions Committee




Notice of Meeting:

An ordinary meeting of the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board Submissions Committee will be held on:


Date:                                     Wednesday 12 April 2017

Time:                                    4pm

Venue:                                 Board Room, Fendalton Service Centre,
Corner Jeffreys and Clyde Roads





Deputy Chairperson


Debbie  Mora

Ross McFarlane

Helen Broughton

Natalie Bryden

Catherine  Chu

Mike Mora



4 April 2017






Gary Watson

Manager Community Governance, Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton

941 8258



Note:  The reports contained within this agenda are for consideration and should not be construed as Council policy unless and until adopted.  If you require further information relating to any reports, please contact the person named on the report.
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Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board Submissions Committee

12 April 2017




Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board Submissions Committee

12 April 2017


Part A        Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation





C       1.       Apologies.......................................................................................................................... 3

B       2.       Declarations of Interest................................................................................................... 3

C       3.       Christchurch City Council Draft Annual Plan 2017/2018 – Board Submission........... 3   



Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board Submissions Committee

12 April 2017



1.   Apologies

At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.

2.   Declarations of Interest

Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant and to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.

3.   Christchurch City Council Draft Annual Plan 2017-2018 – Board Submission

The purpose of this meeting is for the Submissions Committee to formulate on the Board’s behalf, a draft submission on the Council’s Draft Annual Plan for 2017/2018.


 Supporting documents to assist this consideration are provided as follows:


3.1 Draft Annual Plan 2017-2018    




3.2 Consultation Document




3.3 Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Wards – Capital Programme Changes


Attached is the Halswell Hornby Riccarton Capital Programme Changes.


3.4 Board Hosted Community Workshops


Attached are the notes of the Community Workshops on the Draft Annual Plan hosted by the Board on 3, 4 and 5 April 2017.









·         Proposed average rate increase of 5.5% compared with the 5% forecast in the LTP – it was noted that under the standard general rate (includes residential houses and sections) the average increase proposed is 4.2% (as covered in the Funding Impact Statement).

·         Revenue, Borrowing and Spending – details and explanations given in the Financial Overview were noted.

·         Capital Programme – reviewed the projects listed in the circulated wards schedule, noting the smoothing that is proposed.


Carmen Reserve - playground renewal – comment made that from observation, there appears to be limited use being made of this reserve by children/families.


Main South Road (SH1) / Kirk Road – not programmed

Ongoing concerns in Templeton about the safety of this intersection and the nearby rail crossing, noting the increasing volumes of heavy vehicles using Kirk Road.


Halswell Junction Road Extension

The likely delay in completing this realignment due a budget shortfall is of concern, particularly for the adjacent Waterloo Business Park development.


Springs Road/Amyes Road/Awatea Road Link

Noted with some disappointment that this project is not on the schedule in the coming three year period.


Main South Road/Carmen Road (SH1) – Safety Issues

Concerns expressed that the draft capital programme (and NZTA) has made  no provision for safety improvements (footpaths/pedestrian facilities) at this intersection junction, including the Main South Road/Brynley Street traffic issues nearby.


Amyes Road/Shands Road – South Hornby School Relocation

Clarity needed on what are the safety facilities proposed for the South Hornby School children in the immediate Amyes Road/Shands Road area?  Is a 40 kilometres per hour school speed zone to be provided?


Schools/Pre Schools/ELC’s in Hei Hei/Broomfield

Details were requested of Council projects, if any, to address school childrens’ travel to and from local schools/preschools/ELC’s in

Hei Hei/Broomfield.




Bus Shelters

Details of the shelter programme and installation criteria would be appreciated by the Board.


Hornby Library/Service Centre and South West Aquatic Facility

Details were shared on the forthcoming consultation associated with the three site options.


·         Recreation – Pools

Congratulations to the Council on the initiative.

Of the three options, a preference was indicated for the Two Dollar Family option.


·         Other Feedback

Hei Hei/Broomfield – within these communities, there is a feeling of disconnection and being quite separate to the ‘boom’ occurring in Hornby. 




·         Rates explanation provided on the 5.5% average increase proposed and the 4.2% increase applicable to residential ratepayers.

·         Decreases proposed in the capital budget were noted, along with an increase in borrowings but not as high, due to the scaling back of the capital programme.

·         The level of transport related projects in Halswell remains high, reflective of ongoing growth including in neighbouring Selwyn District.

·         Halswell Road/Wigram Road – Exisiting Roundabout – reference was made to a number of crashes occurring – check with Council transport staff.

·         Halswell Junction Road Extension – as per the discussion at 3 April Workshop

·         Halswell Road (SH73) – the varying speed limits continue to be of local concern – agreed that the Board will again raise this with NZTA.

·         Halswell Road (Augustine Dive to Dunbars Road) – lack of footpath/pedestrian link – Board to raise in its submission.

·         Aidanfield/Dunbars – traffic signals are being considered once the adjoining ODP area on the south side of Halswell Road is developed.

·         Nurses Memorial Chapel – revisions in the capital programme have major implications on this restoration project – Board to raise this impact in its submission to the Council.  

·         Awatea Road (south side) – no formed kerb/footpath/bus bays on the section of Awatea Road generally from the Sommerset Retirement complex to Owaka Road – Board to consider submitting on.

·         Main South Road/Carmen Road – general traffic issues – as raised and discussed

on 3 April.

·         Riccarton/Ilam/Middleton – intersection safety improvements - project delayed in the capital programme – Board to submit its opposition to this proposed change.

·         Amyes/Shands/Springs – lack of pedestrian facilities especially for childrens travel to school(s) - as per the discussion at 3 April Workshop.

·         Spreydon Lodge development – Halswell Commons ODP detail to be circulated.

·         Recreation/Pools – any of the offered options are acceptable – making our Council pools more accessible especially for families is what is needed. Transport costs remain a real impediment. Reference was made to the former SPARC travel fund and Hillary Commission schemes. It would be good if there was a fund provided that schools could make application to increase attendances.  The New Brighton salt water pools project was endorsed with the proviso that access is affordable.




These are the contributions from one person

·         Southwest Leisure centre not needed.

·         Annual Plan Forum sessions were not well advertised and promoted.

·         Struggle with rates going up each year when money is given away eg Adventure Park.

·         Rates rise is going to be a struggle for those on a fixed income.

·         Halswell Domain car park.  Domain should be left for recreation not car parking.

·         Should only fund core services.

·         Don't build new facilities while there are still unrepaired council buildings (Sockburn Service Centre).

·         Supportive of salt water pools in Brighton.

·         Not supportive of any subsidised swimming options.




·         Supportive of swimming lessons for low income families and $2 family days.

·         Concern over rates rise for low income families.

·         Supportive of school speed zone signage.

·         Supportive of toilets in Harrington Park as a Community Board project (very strong).

·         Concerns over suburban car parking.

·         Concerns over speed of traffic in local streets.

·         Mobile library near Harrington Park.

·         Clarification over Riccarton Community centre as future project (making sure it stays).

·         Concern over high cost of projects and facilities (Level of spend on salt water pools and Southwest Leisure Centre it's seems like a lot of money for new facilities compared to the spend on Riccarton Community centre as a replacement facility).