Coastal-Burwood Community Board Submissions Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Wednesday 26 April 2017

Time:                                    4.00pm

Venue:                                 Boardroom, Corner Beresford and Union Streets,
New Brighton





Deputy Chairperson


Linda Stewart

Tim Baker

Kim Money

Tim Sintes



26 April 2017






Jo Wells

Manager Community Governance, Coastal-Burwood

941 6451

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Coastal-Burwood Community Board Submissions Committee

26 April 2017


Part A        Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation




1.   Apologies

Part C

There were no apologies.

2.   Declarations of Interest

Part B

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


3.   Christchurch City Council Draft Annual Plan 2017-18 – Board Submission

Part C

The purpose of this meeting was for the Submissions Committee to formulate on the Board’s behalf, a submission on the Council’s Draft Annual Plan 2017-2018.

The Committee reviewed the following documentation:

•          Draft Annual Plan 2017-2018
•          Consultation Document
•          Coastal-Burwood Wards – Capital Programme Changes
•          Board Hosted Community Workshops feedback

Arising from this consideration, the Committee completed the attached submission on behalf of the Board.

Community Board Resolved CBSC/2017/00001

That the Coastal-Burwood Community Board’s submission on the Christchurch City Council Draft Annual Plan 2017-2018, be adopted.

Tim Sintes/Tim Baker                                                                                                                                                 Carried



Meeting concluded at 6.16pm.




Linda Stewart






SUBMISSION TO:                Christchurch City Council


ON:                                                        Christchurch City Draft Annual Plan 2017-18


BY:                                            Coastal-Burwood Community Board


CONTACT:                              Linda Stewart

Chairperson Coastal-Burwood Community Board Submissions Committee

c/- PO Box 73023                                        



(027) 405 3257





The Coastal-Burwood Community Board appreciates the opportunity to make this submission to the Christchurch City Draft Annual Plan 2017-18.  The Board would like to speak to this submission at the hearings to be led in May 2017.   The Board has the following comments to make on the information contained in the Consultation Document, the Draft Annual Plan and supporting documents.


2.        SUBMISSION


2.1   Capital Programme


The Board recognises and supports the programme of Capital projects identified for the Coastal-Burwood ward, in particular:


·         Project ID 40633 – Hot Salt Water Pools New Brighton Phase 1

·         Project ID 1016 - QEII (Eastern) Recreation and Sport Centre 

·         Project ID 2383 – Suburban Masterplan: New Brighton Programme

·         Project ID 37865 – New Brighton MP Streetscape Enhancements A2, A4, A5

·         Project ID 41147 – Community Board Capital Projects

·         Parks beautification

·         Thomson Park

·         Pages Road 300m Footpath repair (images below)













The Pages Road Footpath has high pedestrian traffic (view towards the bridge) April 2017

2.2   New Brighton Regeneration


The Board is working with Development Christchurch Limited on the regeneration of New Brighton.


Hot Salt Water Pools have been discussed and proposed by the Community for many years.  Following the Mayor’s proposal for the Community to come up with a legacy project for New Brighton, the Hot Salt Water Pools were put forward by the Community Advisory Group.  In November 2016 Development Christchurch Ltd (DCL) consulted on the Community’s appetite for the hot salt water pool development.  Over 900 responses were received with 85% of respondents being in favour of prioritising the development of the Hot Salt Water Pools in New Brighton.  


DCL has been engaged by the Council to lead a Regeneration Project in New Brighton.   The Hot Salt Water Pools are fundamental to the success of this regeneration as they will create a metropolitan visitor attraction – attracting visitors both to Christchurch and to the New Brighton area.  This unique metropolitan attraction is critical to maximising the success of the other elements of the New Brighton Regeneration Plan including the commercial core.  During the Annual Plan consultation the community has again voiced to the Board their support for the development of the Hot Salt Water Pools as soon as is possible.


The Hot Salt Water Pools have strong Community support, therefore the Board supports the provision of $11.2m for the development of a Hot Salt Water Pools complex in New Brighton.


2.3   Operational maintenance: Levels of Service in New Brighton - the Board supports increasing the levels of service to match the high use of the area


New Brighton is increasingly being used for metropolitan events and there is a need for operational budgets to reflect this to support maintenance and upkeep accordingly (i.e. the area needs to be maintained to a high standard to reflect its high use and amenity).


New Brighton attracts a large numbers of annual national, metropolitan and city-wide /local events:

·         Coast to Coast Multisport finish

·         New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships

·         Ray White New Brighton Duke Festival of Surfing

·         New Zealand Sandcastle Competition

·         Guy Fawkes Fireworks Spectacular – New Brighton Pier

·         Rockabilly Show and Shine and Market

·         Kite Day

·         I Love New Brighton Family Fun Day

·         ANZAC Day Commemorative Service

·         The New Brighton Seaside Market


Besides events in the area, there are:

·         An average of 10,000 per month in Pier visitors.

·         Natural attraction of safe beaches and wetlands.

·         Reserves across the Ward from Burwood to Brooklands/Spencerville to Southshore.




2.4   Street Renewal

2.4.1          Palmers Road


Post the earthquakes, the southern portion of Palmers Road and footpaths were never repaired.  The street floods and is in an unacceptable state of disrepair despite some patching.  The footpaths present a tripping hazard.   The Board supports Palmers Road street renewal being prioritised in the street renewal programme.



Palmers Road – southern portion – April 2017


2.4.2            Briarmont Street


Briarmont Street in Avondale has been the subject of an onsite meeting with Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team and Council staff and various other meetings with a street representative.


Other streets around it such as Waratah Street were reinstated but not this. The reason offered was the land is still settling. The Board would like Briarmont Street added for full reinstatement.














Briarmont Street - August 2012

2.5  Spencerville Surf Life Saving Club - provision of water supply to the building


This is a Metro wide community rebuild project and the Board supports funding of $50,000 to complete the rebuild of this important community asset. This project is now in the Coastal-Burwood Ward and has the full support of the Board.


2.6 Accessibility to recreation facilities

The Council asked the community how to make its recreation facilities more accessible.

·         The Board supports low cost access to Council recreation facilities for KiwiAble Card holders and would like to see more promotion of this programme.

In addition, the Board has two new initiatives for consideration to make recreation facilities more accessible:

·         Discounted/low cost access to Council Recreation facilities for low income families.

·         Provision of free swimming nappies at Council pools.

             2.7  QEII Park – Development and implementation of Masterplan


The Board wishes to confirm its desire to be fully involved in the development of a QEII Park masterplan and, in accordance with Council Resolution CNCL/2016/00294, the Board wishes to ensure that the QEII land sale proceeds are allocated in alignment with resolution – “The Council allocates the proceeds from the sale of land towards the development and implementation of a Masterplan for the rest of QEII Park.”


This was a high profile concern to the Community as demonstrated through the hearing process.  

3          LONG TERM PLAN

The Board would like to note its intention to promote the following items in the next Long Term Plan.


·         Flood mitigation for Southshore and South Brighton in collaboration with Regenerate Christchurch, the Council and community

·         Rothesay Road – Road widening from No.102 eastwards


Project details in the annual plan consultation summary for each ward contain acronyms and a lack of detail which makes it difficult for Community Board members and members of the public to know what they are giving feedback on.   As part of creating an inclusive democratic process, the Board would like to see project names simplified and a short project summary available online for each project in an Annual Plan/ Long Term Plan.   


The Board Chairperson and Submissions Committee Chairperson will be presenting at the hearings on the Draft Annual Plan in May 2017.



Linda Stewart

Chairperson, Coastal-Burwood Community Board Submissions Committee

28 April 2017