Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Thursday 23 March 2017

Time:                                    4.30pm

Venue:                                 Fendalton Service Centre
Cnr Clyde and Jeffreys Roads






Arapata Reuben Tūāhuriri Rūnanga    

Councillor Pauline Cotter Christchurch City Council

Councillor Debra Hasson Selwyn District Council     

Tom Lambie Environment Canterbury            

Herewini Banks Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke/Rapaki     

Chris Kelliher Community Representative    

Robert Wynn-Williams Community Representative           

Kevin Brown Community Representative     

Lance Kenyon Community Representative  



22 March 2017


Principal Advisor

Diane Shelander

Senior Policy Analyst

Tel: 941 8304

Christchurch City Council

Zone Facilitator

Lesley Woudberg

Tel: 027 706 4273

Environment Canterbury

Committee Advisor

Liz Ryley

Tel: 941 8153

Christchurch City Council

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Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee

23 March 2017





Arapata Reuben opened the meeting with a Karakia/Timatanga.


The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00008

That apologies for absence from Suzanne Furkert, Les Wanhalla and Andrew Congalton, and an apology for lateness from Pauline Cotter, be accepted.

Member Reuben/Member Kenyon                                                                                                                    Carried


2.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00009

Committee Decision

That the minutes of the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee meeting held on Thursday, 23 February 2017  be confirmed.

Member Kelliher/Member Kenyon                                                                                                                    Carried


3.   Matters Arising from the Minutes

         There were no matters arising.

4.   Deputations by Appointment

There were no deputations by appointment.


5     Identification of Urgent Items



Election of a Regional Representative for 2017


         At the 23 February 2017 meeting elections were held for the Chair, Deputy Chair and Regional Representative.  Les Wanhalla was unable to attend the meeting but was nominated as Regional Representative subject to his acceptance following the meeting.  He has subsequently declined the position. 


         Nominations were called for the appointment of Regional Representative.



Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00010

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee elect:

Lance Kenyon as Regional Representative for 2017.

Councillor Hasson/Member Brown                                                                                                                     Carried


6.   Identification of General Public Contributions


Ken Rouse, Chair of the Cashmere Stream Care Group Committee addressed the Committee on the post fire situation on the Port Hills fire.  He tabled a newsletter from the Group titled The Stream regarding the immediate issues of erosion and sediment runoff that are facing the Cashmere Stream and Opawaho/Heathcote River catchments.  Copies of the newsletter will be forwarded to Committee members.


7.   Water Races - Selwyn District Council


Murray England, Asset Manager Water Services for the Selwyn District Council, provided a powerpoint on “The Future of Water Races Everything BUT Stock Water” and responded to questions.  Discussion included information about the closures of water races and the cost to maintain them.  It was noted there was a consultation process before closure of any water races.  The powerpoint will be forwarded to Committee members.


Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00011

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Receive the report on the water race system managed by Selwyn District Council.

Member Reuben/Councillor Hasson                                                                                                                   Carried


8.   Groundwater/Drylands Working Group


Chris Kelliher reported to the Committee on the progress the Groundwater/Drylands Working Group has made to achieve its objectives to:

·         Know how much water is available to use

·         Understand the landownership pattern within the “protection zone”

·         Understand the threats to Christchurch’s groundwater system

·         Identify how the Working Group can protect this resource for future generations.

This included an inspection of the zone, checking a number of Overseer nutrient budgets in the zone, and indicated possible ways forward including managed augmentation of the groundwater and streams.

Discussion was held about whether the current regulations and rules in the Plans achieve the Zone Committee’s objectives and policies. It was noted that after five years a review of the Land and Water Regional Plan was required to determine its efficiency and effectiveness (i.e. 2022).


Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00012

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Receives the Groundwater/Drylands Working Group report.

2.         Agrees as the next step to safeguard the groundwater quality and flows for multiple uses (as per the Christchurch West Melton Zone Implementation Programme Priority Issue 4.1).

Member Kelliher/Member Reuben                                                                                                                    Carried




9.   Port Hills Fire - Recovery


The Committee received an update on the fire recovery work on the Port Hills.  James Tricker reported that meetings will be held during the week of 27 March 2017 with affected landowners about their issues and how to minimise erosion etc.

Lance Kenyon and Tom Lambie reported on the outcome of a workshop they attended on 18 March 2017 about the Port Hills fire. 

The Committee discussed the implications of the fire on the health of waterways and how they could assist recovery through biodiversity funding.

Councillor Cotter arrived at 5.45pm.


Staff Recommendation

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.              Receives the report on the Port Hills Fire - Recovery.

2.         Agrees to make the fire affected catchments in the Christchurch West Melton zone a priority for 2017/18 Immediate Steps allocation ($100,000) for the zone.



Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00013

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Receives the report on the Port Hills Fire - Recovery.

2.         Agrees to make the fire affected catchments in the Christchurch West Melton zone a priority for 2017/18 and 2018/19 Immediate Steps allocations for the zone.


Member Kelliher/Member Brown                                                                                                                       Carried


10. Update Working Groups - 23 March 2017


The Committee received an update report from the Working Groups:

·         Urban Contaminant

·         Rural Catchment

·         Cashmere Catchment

o   Kevin Brown reported on a programme by Canterbury University to monitor water quality in relation to the Port Hills fire.

·         Groundwater/Drylands

·         Communication and Engagement

o   Lesley Woudberg advised that a draft Engagement Strategy would be available in due course.

·         Biodiversity – Immediate Steps Funding

·         Regional Committee

·         Liaison with Community Groups


Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00014

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Receives the report.

Member Reuben/Member Banks                                                                                                                       Carried


11. Facilitator's Update - 23 March 2017


Lesley Woudberg’s report provided the Committee with information on upcoming events.  She reported that the Team Leader Facilitator for the Zone Committees, Barbara Nicholas, had resigned from her role. Lesley advised that she had been appointed the new Team Leader.


Committee Resolved CWZC/2017/00015

That the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee:

1.         Receives the Facilitator’s report.

2.         Notes the upcoming events.

Member Banks/Member Kenyon                                                                                                                        Carried


Arapata Reuben closed the meeting with a Karakia/Whakamutunga.



Meeting concluded at 6.04pm.




Arapata Reuben