Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Tuesday 14 March 2017

Time:                                    4.00pm

Venue:                                 Lyttelton Community Boardroom, 25 Canterbury Street, Lyttelton





Deputy Chair


Paula Smith

Pam Richardson                              

Andrew Turner - Deputy Mayor Christchurch City Council           

Elizabeth Cunningham, Environment Canterbury   

Manaia Cunningham - Te Runanga o Koukourarata

Kevin Simcock - Community Representative

Ian Lloyd - Community Representative          

June Swindells - Te Hapū  o Ngāti Wheke/Rapaki   

Pere Tainui - Te Runanga o Onuku       

Claire Findlay - Community Representative 

Thomas Kulpe - Community Representative




11 April 2017


Principal Advisor

Peter  Kingsbury

Principal Advisor  Natural Resources

Tel: 941 8487

Christchurch City Council

Zone Facilitator

Lesley Woudberg

Zone Facilitator

Tel: 027 706 4273

Environment Canterbury

Committee Advisor

Warren Brixton

Council Secretariat

Tel: 941 8999

Christchurch City Council

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Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee

14 March 2017






The agenda was dealt with in the following order.


Iaean Cranwell opened the meeting with a Karakia.


The opening session of the meeting was jointly chaired by Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner and Councillor Elizabeth Cunningham to allow everyone to participate fully.


They welcomed two new members to the Committee and said given the number of changes over the last few months, it was an opportune time to discuss expectations of the Committee and share experiences of council committees - what helps a committee function well and be effective.


1.   Apologies

The apologies of Charles Zimmerman and Peter Ramsden were accepted.  A card is to be sent to Peter Ramsden on behalf of the Committee, wishing him a speedy recovery.

2.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Committee Decision

That the minutes of the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee meeting held on Tuesday, 21 February 2017 be confirmed, subject to the following amendments:

Ecosystem Health/Biodiversity Monitoring:

Add second bullet point:

·                Claire Findlay referred to the matter of an email received identifying eight funding sources relevant to community partnerhip proposal

·                Didymo - Add – Kevin Simcock agreed to progress this to better understand the risk.

·                Port Hills Fire – Add – Claire Findlay recommended that the Committee be proactive in the reinstatement of biodiversity on the Port Hills.


3.   Matters Arising from the Minutes


Okains Bay

Geoff Thompson reported that he visited Okains Bay and noted where willow trees were falling into the river.  He would talk further to Ian Lloyd about what could be done.



Claire Findlay noted that  in the last eight months the Zone Committee had held four scheduled meetings and two biodiversity focused workshops but that only two of the scheduled meetings had confirmed minutes and inquired if this would be addressed.  The Committee was reminded by the Chair to “look forward” rather than “back” and look for solutions.


Immediate Steps – Diamond Harbour Gully proposal

There was discussion about whether a motion had been put to the Committee and numbers for, against and abstentions.

There was a discussion about what consensus decision making, significant majority, collaboration and co-operation looked like in the CWMS and Zone Committee context. This discussion was picked up again as the Committee deliberated the funding proposal for fire recovery of the Ohinetahi Reserve.


4.   Deputations by Appointment

There were no deputations by appointment.

5.   Identification of Urgent Items

             There were no urgent items.

6.   Identification of General Public Contributions

             There were no general public contributions.


7.   Role, Purpose and Operation of Zone Committee 2017


The session was opened by the Joint Chairs who set out the expectation of respective councils, the issues faced, where the Water Management Strategy and committees fitted in and how decisions of the committee helped them in their discussions around the Council table.


The meeting was then opened up for individual members to highlight what they felt worked and what was not working so well, expectations for the coming year, including ideas, issues yet to be resolved and the frustrations they had as they tried to progress some matters.


Staff and Committee Recommendation

The Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee receive the information.



8.   Election of Chair, Deputy Chair and Regional Representative 2017


The election process was introduced by Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner who saw the Chairs role as being one of providing effective leadership, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to speak, keeping the meeting on task, running to time and ensuring matters on the agenda were relevant and timely.


Before nominations were called Pam Richardson advised that she had decided to not to put her name forward for the Chair’s position.



Staff and Committee Recommendations

       That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee elect:


         Paula Smith as Chair for 2017

         Pam Richardson as Deputy Chair for 2017

         Thomas Kulpe as Regional Representative for 2017


9.   Environment Canterbury - Quarterly Report on 5 year Outcomes


In the discussion that ensued comment was made including a suggestion to add an extra column to show “Next Steps”.

Additional actions members raised that were not recorded in the Quarterly report included:

·          Access to Safe Drinking Water

         Tikao Bay residents were keen to improve their security of supply, Pam Richardson facilitated a meeting with ECan staff who provided information they were looking for. An Okains Bay investigation into the water supply is included in the draft City Council Annual Plan out now for consultation.

         Canterbury Drinking Water Reference Group – the committee needs further information on what progress this group is making and how the committee could feed into it.

·          Flood Management

         The Little River Rating District has a community meeting scheduled for 11 April

·          Improved Stormwater Management – Road Cutting Project

         Three sites have been identified as trial sites – between Lyttelton and Governor’s Bay. City Council roading staff are involved.

·          Operate at GMP

         Ian Lloyd and Geoff Thompson, are working on a catchment by catchment approach, starting at Wairewa and Port Levy, and intend to produce a map of Banks Peninsula showing the areas covered by farm environment plans.

·           Whakaraupo/Lyttelton Catchment Management Plan

         Things are moving quiet quickly. The Science Advisory Group is finalising a draft issues & options paper, and plan to go back to the community with this in May/June – final plan is expected in November 2017.

·           Akaroa Waste Water

         Intense/challenging period of community discussions – difficult to change perception of treated waste water from liability to asset, difficult geography means options limited, difficult community discussions, yet to see where this ends up.

·           Resource Consent Monitoring

         Monthly meeting underway with ECan staff to identify any consent/compliance issues – working on a way to determine septic tank effectiveness/compliance The 1999 Takamatua septic tanks has been found. Next step is to prepare a newsletter for ? about ?.

·          General

         Pam Richardson advised things like Strategic Directions were being brought in as a pilot project for community boards. How can we share information, such as coastal hazards and valuing water resources?



Staff and Committee Recommendation

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee receives the report.


10. Port Hills Fire - Ohinetahi Summit Road Society/QEII Covenant


Further to the written report Lesley Woudberg gave a general update on the recovery. She also clarified that the $16,500 cost of fencing quoted was half the fencing cost, ecological assessments had not been carried out as the area was only beginning to be opened for experts other than fire fighters, the ecological score is likely to low given the fire damage and identified the eleven possible projects that would be delayed until the 2017/18 allocation of Immediate Steps funding.


Claire Findlay referred to the Parrish Farm where a fire break had been cut across the property and asked in this case how would reinstatement occur?


A reworded motion agreeing to provide up to $35,000 of Immediate Steps funding to landowners on the Whakaraupō/Lyttelton side affected by the Port Hills fire including Ohinetahi Bush Reserve was proposed.


Discussion followed as to whether based on last month’s decision on the Diamond Harbour Gully application, the motion now being put forward would succeed if there was no documentation on ecological values or clear consensus among committee members. Andrew Turner referred to the urgent and extra-ordinary nature of this application, brought about by the fire and the window of opportunity to carry out remedial work



Staff Recommendations

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Committee agree to support the Summit Road Society by contributing up to $35,000 of Immediate Steps funding for fire recovery of Ohinetahi Bush Reserve.



Committee Recommendations

That the Committee agrees to support the Summit Road Society and adjacent properties affected by the Port Hills fire, by contributing up to $35,000 of Immediate Steps funding and;


That if the Diamond Harbour Gully project has not attracted funding by the beginning of the 2017/8 financial year then $5,000 Immediate Steps Funding be approved for the project provided further value is added to the project by enhancing public awareness, understanding and support for biodiversity (criteria 4) and improve the range of knowledge and information about Canterbury’s biodiversity for its sustainable management (criteria 6).



A dinner break was taken between 6.35pm and 7.00pm.

11. Ecosystem Health and Biodiversity Monitoring CWMS Targets


Tim Davie advised that he would have a full paper for the next meeting, but in the interim he was happy to discuss the matter.


At the October 2016 Workshop two outcomes were agreed as ways forward – agency monitoring/reporting and community led monitoring.  He explained the type of monitoring/investigations that Environment Canterbury undertook i.e. state of environment, investigations and project outcomes (e.g. IS project Wainui QEII covenant). He suggested that Environment Canterbury could add to this by taking a targeted approach – i.e. undertake electric fishing at some sites where fishing had been undertaken in the past and data already existed to see whether the same species are present and what is not present.



Committee Recommendation

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Committee receives the verbal report, and that the Committee looks forward to a paper on the proposed approach at the next meeting, 18 April 2017.


12. Report for Information


The Committee discussed the Government’s Clean Water Package. The Ministry for the Environment was looking for feedback by 28 April 2017. The Committee discussed what was important for Banks Peninsula. Some members were disappointed that there were streams on Banks Peninsula that do not meet the 4th order or above category for inclusion in the swimming water quality targets.


Andrew Turner and Elizabeth Cunningham agreed to convey the Committees thoughts back to their respective councils.


Updates from Members


Pam Richardson – CCC significant ecological sites process is coming to an end. Need to now work with farmers to share details of “significant ecological sites” on their properties and still awaiting a resolution to the High Court appeal.


Kevin Simcock – Akaroa Wastewater Working Party is formidable learning process – both personal and technical, there were many complications, including the different levels of treatment.


Elizabeth Cunningham – A session for Environment Canterbury councillors is being held next week to talk about priorities and the Long-Term Plan.


Claire Findlay – fire recovery ecological stakeholders group meeting organised by CCC and BPCT – feeling from Governors Bay residents that they were not invited. The committee should be “championing” fire recovery and ensure fire risk, recovery and land-use are addressed in Outcome 8 Climate Change.


June Swindells – Mahinga kai, shellfish and watercress are important to the Rūnanga – and therefore water quality standards should be raised from “swimmable” to “eatable”.


Manaia Cunningham – project with Corrections to build six composting toilets (ref rec 7.9)


John Benn - Acknowledgment needs to be given to the Department of Conservation as statutory managers of the bed of Te Roto o Wairewa in the Annual Report (Page 46).



The meeting closed with a Karakia led by Manaia Cunningham.


Meeting concluded at 8.05pm..




Pam Richardson