Christchurch City Council




Date:                                     Thursday 26 January 2017

Time:                                    1.03pm

Venue:                                 Council Chambers, Civic Offices,
53 Hereford Street, Christchurch





Deputy Chairperson


Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner

Councillor Vicki Buck

Councillor Jimmy Chen

Councillor Phil Clearwater

Councillor Pauline Cotter

Councillor Mike Davidson

Councillor David East

Councillor Anne Galloway

Councillor Jamie Gough

Councillor Yani Johanson

Councillor Aaron Keown

Councillor Raf Manji

Councillor Tim Scandrett

Councillor Deon Swiggs

Councillor Sara Templeton



26 January 2017




Principal Advisor

Dr Karleen Edwards

Chief Executive

Tel: 941 8554


Jo Daly

Council Secretary

941 8581

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26 January 2017



The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies




Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00001

That the apology from Glenn Livingstone be accepted.

Councillor Scandrett/Councillor Cotter                                                                                                               Carried

2.   Declarations of Interest

Aaron Keown declared an interest in Item 14: Submission on the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill.

3.   Public Participation

3.1  Public Forum

3.1.1      Lorraine Guthrey, Neil McKellar and Vanessa Taylor representing the Canterbury Insurance Assistance Service addressed the Council. 

3.2   Deputations by Appointment

3.2.1      Ivan Iafeta and Jim Lunday of Regenerate Christchurch gave a presentation to the Council regarding item 10:  Cathedral Square and Surrounds Regeneration Strategy.


10. Cathedral Square and Surrounds Regeneration Strategy


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00002

That the Council:

1.         Agrees to work with Regenerate Christchurch to develop a regeneration strategy to catalyse the redevelopment of Cathedral Square and the surrounding area;

2.         Nominates Councillors Manji, Scandrett and Swiggs to be members of a steering group for the proposed regeneration strategy, which includes a range of key stakeholders and representatives of the strategic partners;

3.         Notes that the Cathedral Square Anchor Project, identified in the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan for joint delivery by the Crown and the Council, will be informed by this process;

4.         Notes that the development of the proposed regeneration strategy will not delay already approved projects including the refurbishment of Victoria Square, the repairs to the Town Hall, the New Central Library development and the Avon River Precinct redevelopment.

5.         Establish a reference group comprising of the three Councillors appointed to the steering group and Councillors Cotter, Davidson, Johanson and Templeton.

Mayor/Councillor Keown                                                                                                                                         Carried



4.   Presentation of Petitions

There was no presentation of petitions.

5.   Council Minutes - 8 December 2016


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00003

That the Council confirm the Minutes from the Council meeting held 8 December 2016.




That the Council confirm the Minutes from the Council meeting held 15 December 2016.

Councillor Chen/Deputy Mayor                                                                                                                            Carried


6.   Council Minutes - 15 December 2016


Council Decision

Refer item 5.


Report from Audit and Risk Management Committee - 7 December 2016

7.   2016 Annual Report - Management Report from Audit New Zealand


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00004

Part A

The Audit and Risk Management Committee recommends to the Council:

1.         That it receive Audit New Zealand’s Management Report on the 2016 Annual Report.

Councillor Chen/Councillor East                                                                                                                            Carried


8.   Proposed ground lease to North Hagley Community Sports and Recreation Charitable Trust over the part of Hagley Park where the former United Bowling Club rooms and green space is situated


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00005

That the Council:

1.         Approve the granting of a ground lease to North Hagley Community Sports and Recreation Charitable Trust over the part of Hagley Park where the former United Bowling Club rooms and green space is situated, an area of approximately 5387.5m2, part of Section 6 Survey Office Plan 467852 of 87.5600 hectares more or less, classified as recreation reserve notified in New Zealand Gazette number 107 pg 2706 on 11 September 1980 as shown on Attachment A Lease area Plan RPS 1332.

2.         Authorise the Property Consultancy Manager to manage and conclude the lease subject to:

a.    The lease including a provision that the lessee comply with the noise levels and time limits that are applicable to Hagley Park.

b.    It being understood that any further structural additions, including fencing, would require the approval of Council.

3.         Note that any request to transfer, assign or sublet the lease premise be referred for approval by the Council as lessor. 

Councillor Davidson/Deputy Mayor                                                                                                                    Carried


9.   Adoption of the 2017 meeting schedule for the Council's Committees, Subcommittees and Working Parties


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00006

That the Council:

1.              Adopt the revised schedule tabled at the meeting reflecting the following changes:

a.              That the Community Board Council meeting be moved to the second Council meeting of the month (week 2), with the exception of July 2017

b.             That the Committee meeting schedule not commence until March 2017 (no new Committee meetings to be held in February to allow for the confirmation of the Terms of Reference for the Committees prior to them meeting)

c.              That the Regulatory Performance Committee and the Infrastructure, Transport & Environment Committee swap order in week 2 with Regulatory Performance now in the morning

d.             That the main Committee meetings in weeks 1 & 2 commence at 9am (not 8.30am)

e.             That the December recess commence on the 22 December 2017 (not the 16 December)

f.               That the Innovation and Sustainable Development Committee meet on 22 March 2017 and have a scheduled meeting every month in 2017

g.              Additional minor changes as noted in strikethrough, or red font in the revised schedule.

2.              Delegate to the Team Leader Hearings and Council Support the ability to make any changes to the meeting schedule as necessary to meet circumstances as required.

Councillor Gough/Councillor Templeton                                                                                                               Carried




11. Re-allocation of a Heritage Incentive Grant for Woods Mill, 14 Wise Street, Addington


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00007

That the Council:

1.         Approve the re-allocation of the Heritage Incentive Grant of $900,000 for Woods Mill, 14 Wise Street, to ‘Loprinzi Properties Limited’, subject to the completion of the agreed scope of works.

2.         Note that payment of this grant is subject to the owners entering into a full conservation covenant with the Council to cover the heritage buildings and the heritage setting.

Councillor Keown/Councillor Clearwater                                                                                                           Carried


12. Heritage Incentive Grant Approval for 39 Kahu Road, Christchurch


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00008

That the Council:

1.         Approve a Heritage Incentive Grant of up to $62,326 for conservation, strengthening and repair work to the protected heritage buildings located at 39 Kahu Road, Christchurch.

2.         Note that payment of this grant is subject to the applicant entering into a 20 year limited conservation covenant with the signed covenant having the Council seal affixed prior to registration against the property title.

Councillor Gough/Councillor Keown                                                                                                                   Carried


13. Development Contributions Policy Review 2017


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00009

That the Council:

1.         Defer consideration of this report and request that staff provide additional information in relation to the development contributions policy as it relates to the central business district prior to consideration of the report.

Councillor Johanson/Councillor Clearwater                                                                                                      Carried


14. Submission on the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00010

That the Council:

1.         Approve the revised draft submission with amendments as discussed.

2.         Appear in support of the submission.

Councillor Buck/Councillor Cotter                                                                                                                         Carried

Councillor Keown took no part in discussion or decision making on this item.


15  Resolution to Exclude the Public


Council Resolved CNCL/2017/00011

That at 2.22pm the resolution to exclude the public set out on page 191 of the agenda be adopted.

Mayor/Deputy Mayor                                                                                                                                                 Carried


The meeting adjourned from 2.22pm and reconvened at 2.39pm in public excluded session.


Councillor Gough left the meeting at 2.39pm.


The public were re-admitted to the meeting at 2.57pm.


Meeting concluded at 2.57pm.


CONFIRMED THIS 23rd DAY OF February 2017


Mayor Lianne Dalziel