Riccarton/Wigram Community Board Submissions Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Thursday 28 July 2016

Time:                                    12.30pm

Venue:                                 Meeting Room 2, Fendalton Service Centre, Corner Jeffreys and Clyde Roads





Mike Mora

Debbie  Mora



28 July 2016






Peter Dow

Community Board Advisor

941 6501



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Riccarton/Wigram Community Board Submissions Committee

28 July 2016


Part A        Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation




1.   Apologies

Part C


Community Board Resolved RWSC/2016/00001

That the apologies for absence from Helen Broughton, Peter Laloli and Natalie Bryden, be received.

Mike Mora/Debbie Mora                                                                                                                                        Carried


2.   Declarations of Interest

Part B

There were no declarations of interest recorded.

3.   Christchurch City Council – Draft Housing Policy 2016 – Board Submission

Part C

The Committee reviewed the Council's Draft Housing Policy documentation.


A copy of the submission prepared on behalf of the Board under delegated authority, is attached




That the Board submission on the Draft Housing Policy 2016, be adopted.





Meeting concluded at 2.06pm.




SUBMISSION TO:                Christchurch City Council


ON:                                         Draft Housing Policy


BY:                                          Riccarton/Wigram Community Board


CONTACT:                           Mike Mora


C/- PO Box 73021



027 4303132




The Riccarton/Wigram Community Board (the Board) appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback to the Council on its Draft Housing Policy.


The Board does desire to be heard in support of these comments.




         The Board generally agrees with the vision, principles and goals, and also the proposed actions contained in the draft policy.


         The Board notes the use of the Housing Continuum shown as Figure One on page 4.


         The Board submits that the policy document would also benefit from the inclusion of a further diagram (‘family tree’) showing the range of organisations and agencies involved in providing housing and rental services in Christchurch.


         The colocation of social and affordable housing where practicable, is favoured by the Board. Some of the sites where this could be considered in Riccarton/Wigram are at Awatea Green, Meadowlands (North Halswell) and the new subdivision off Yaldhurst Road adjoining the Riccarton Racecourse.


         The Board would note that the definition of affordable housing set out in the policy and its applicability to middle income households described in the text on page 4, will clearly alter in the future due to market changes in the time value of money.


         The Board is aware of the Council’s pending review of a number of its potentially surplus land holdings. As part of this work, the Board would like to see priority given to retaining appropriate land parcels in order to increase the existing stock of social, affordable and emergency housing.


         With emergency housing and accommodation being a priority issue for Christchurch and elsewhere, the Board calls on the Council to be an active participant in contributing to meet this important social and community need. 




Mike Mora



5 August 2016