Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Tuesday 19 July 2016

Time:                                    4pm

Venue:                                 Rugby Club Rooms, Little River






Steve Lowndes

Ian Lloyd Community Representative

Elizabeth  Cunningham Commissioner Environment Canterbury           

Pam Richardson Community Representative           

June Swindells Te Hapū  o Ngāti Wheke/Rapaki      

Riki Lewis Te Runanga o Koukourarata           

Claire Findlay Community Representative    

Paula Smith Community Representative       

Thomas Kulpe Community Representative  



21 September 2016


Principal Advisor

Peter  Kingsbury

Principal Advisor  Natural Resources

Tel: 941 8487

Christchurch City Council

Zone Facilitator

Lesley Woudberg

Zone Facilitator

Tel: 027 706 4273

Environment Canterbury

Committee Advisor

Warren Brixton

Council Secretariat

Tel: 941 8181

Christchurch City Council

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Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee

19 July 2016






The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Apologies were recorded and accepted on behalf of Iaean Cranwell Te Rūnanga o Wairewa, Kevin Simcock Community Representative, Pere Tainui Te Runanga o Onuku and Andrew Turner Christchurch City Council.

2.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Committee Decision

It was decided that the minutes of the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee meeting held on Tuesday, 21 June 2016 be approved as a true and accurate record.

3.   Matters Arising from the Minutes


4.   Deputations by Appointment

There were no deputations by appointment.

5.   Identification of Urgent Items


6.   Identification of General Public Contributions



7.   Little River/Wairewa Big Idea


Committee Comment

Janet Reeve, spokesperson for Big Ideas programme was present to provide a background to the project, since its inception 18 months ago. Some 14 projects, some small, some large had been identified.


At a Little River market day at the end of October, it was hoped the community would sign up to the projects.


In the discussion the following comments were made:

·                It would be our Little River community that championed the projects

·                Sustainability was an important criterion

·                There was an opportunity for Immediate Steps project funding

·                The involvement of local schools would be sought and members saw opportunity to utilise teenagers.

Janet was thanked for the presentation.



Joint Staff and Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receive for information and the summary sheet “Little River Big Ideas” in Attachment A.


8.   Update - Wairewa Catchment


Committee Comment

The Chairman in introducing the report, commented that in his observations of the lake, no bloom was evident, but there exists a lot of sediment.


In response to questions, Lesley Woudberg advised that the Health Warning was still in place and new signs were being installed, utilising new ”signage”.  She explained that Environment Canterbury is responsible for “monitoring”, the Canterbury Health Board “health warnings” and the Christchurch City Council “signage”.


It was noted that “shellfish” warning signs are still in place at Rapaki.  The need for these remaining is to be followed up.


Joint Staff and Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receive the update on the Wairewa Catchment.


9.   Update - 5 Year Outcomes


Committee Comment

Paul Hulse invited members to add to the information contained in the report.


3.1 Effective Flood Management in the Wairewa Catchment

Pam Richardson produced 1980’s soil conservation plan for her property at Pigeon Bay including maps, showing poplar tree plantings. She said most of the larger landowners on the Peninsula would have such a plan.  She asked the committee - what was the most important thing landowners should be doing?


3.3 Improved Stormwater Management and Reduced Sediment Discharges

Paula Smith advised brief details of a meeting she had attended with Shelly Washington on a 3 step programme.  Stage 1 would be to review the current documents on sediment run-off.


There was a brief in draft form to be supplied to engineering contractors.  A workshop on the subject is being arranged for 15 September 9:45am, Halswell Service Centre, for contractors on information to reduce sediment run-off.  The Committee will receive an invitation in due course.


3.4 Operate at GMP

Ian Lloyd advised he had had a meeting with Geoff Thompson and Ian Brown to see how such practices were being implemented in other zones.  He referred to a “one page” summary from another zone and indicated he would work on one for Banks Peninsula.


While many farmers have Farm Environmental Plans, a Bay by Bay meeting cycle could be an approach to be used.  Committee members might be interested in going to one of these on farm meetings, say at Port Levy?


3.5 The Value of Biodiversity is Recognised in its Own Right and Embraced through Kaitiakitanga

Thomas Kulpe reported on the meeting he had with Lesley Woudberg and Dr Helen Greenep on biodiversity being a central strategy for the zone committee, but he questioned “where is it at”.  He saw one of the key management tools is “how to measure biodiversity”: to see if biodiversity is getting better or worse.  Is this something Immediate Steps should cover, or new project and funding required?


3.6 Support Community Ownership

There was discussion on whether the monthly comments by the Chair in the local newspapers, monthly meetings with CC ITE committee, meetings with farmers on FEPs, Okains Bay residents on water supplies and the website, stocktake and community meeting scheduled for the Whakaraupō plan constituted a Communication Plan.  Face to face meetings were seen as being of better value by some members.


Peter Kingsbury is to talk to the Christchurch City Council Communication Team to see what it might be able to provide.


3.7 Whakaraupo/Lyttelton Catchment Plan

June Swindells advised of a structure for a management plan which is coming together.  There had been huge feedback on the memorandum of understanding which had gone to both CCC and ECan.

The Steering Group is still working hard.  The question of who from the zone committee would represent it on the steering committee was discussed, the Chairman noting that he had suggested Thomas Kulpe.


3.8 Raise awareness and understanding of Climate Change Effects

The Chairman advised that there is plenty of information on this subject available and our recommendations are very broad.


He suggested practical information should be given to individual people, rather than stakeholders and advice on specific actions such as installing rainwater tanks.


Staff Recommendation

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receive the updates from Advocates on actions on the 5 year Outcomes.


Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.              Receive the updates from individual advocates on actions on the 5 year Outcomes

2.              Include this subject in the monthly agenda.


10. Update - Low Flows and Biodiversity


Committee Comment

In opening the discussion on the report comments included:

1.       Hydrology Model – simple to administer

2.       Permitted Takes – not affected by low flows

3.    Current consents not affected until they expire or are reviewed.


Staff Recommendation

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.         Receive the minutes on low flows and biodiversity dated 5 October 2015.


Joint Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee:

1.       Receive the minutes on low flows and biodiversity dated 5 October 2015.

2.       Invite Tim Davie, Surface Water Science Manager at Environment Canterbury to its next meeting.


11. Review of progress on BPZC ZIP Chapter 4 Biodiversity recommendations


Committee Comment

The Committee made comments and sought various amendments.  A revised version is to be sent to the Committee before the next Committee meeting.


12. Verbal Updates



The Chair reported on matters including:

·         Banks Peninsula Conservation Workshop where invertebrates had been looked at in the Rue Bulgarie Stream, Akaroa.

·         FEP Workshop, Little River.

·         Biodiversity Working Group – How do you measure biodiversity – e.g. number of mature fish? An attempt at quantifying what was meant should be made.


Environmental Enhancement Funds – condition of consent

Some large consents (e.g. TrustPower Amendment to the Rakaia Conservation Order) It has taken some time to establish associated trusts. The Rakaia Enhancement Fund is now on track to have its inaugural meeting this month.



·         Local Government Elections 2016 - Elizabeth Cunningham provided an insight as to the forthcoming elections.

·         Christchurch Water Supply – Pam Richardson advised of nitrates being found in the water from a shallow bore at Wrights Road


August – Whakaraupo

September – Onuku Marae (booking confirmed for October)

October – Koukourarata Marae (unfortunately unavailable –confirmed for September)

Xmas (last week November or first week December) – Paula Smith’s property – invite new BP Community Board

Review of what Committee is achieving

The Chair suggested the last part of the meeting be devoted to examining achievements, opening the discussion with:

·         Are we adhering to the programme?

·         Are we coming to grips with measuring biodiversity? (Could a post graduate student be employed to assist)

·         Bring together what has been done and how to measure.

A wide ranging discussion then took place, with members offering their perspective and ideas.

The Chair concluded the discussion by suggesting the need for a workshop on biodiversity monitoring in order to attract a group of experts too, and to work with the Committee to come up with a brief.


Joint Staff and Committee Decision

That the Banks Peninsula Water Management Zone Joint Committee receive the information provided.




Meeting concluded at 7.50pm.


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Steve Lowndes