Akaroa Design and Appearance Advisory Committee

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Thursday 7 July 2016

Time:                                    2.30pm

Venue:                                  Akaroa Sports Complex, Akaroa Recreation Ground,
28 Rue Jolie, Akaroa






Pam Richardson - Chairman (Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board ex-officio member)

Lyndon Graham - Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board

Victoria Andrews  - Akaroa Civic Trust

John Davey - Consultant

William Fulton - Consultant

Lynda Wallace - Community Representative



7 July 2016






Liz Carter

Community Board Advisor

941 5682



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Akaroa Design and Appearance Advisory Committee

07 July 2016


Part A         Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation




The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.    Apologies

Part C

There were no apologies.

2.    Declarations of Interest

Part B

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


3.    Deputations by Appointment

Part B

There were no deputations by appointment.     

4.    Akaroa Design and Appearance Advisory Committee Minutes - 4 February 2016


Community Board Decisions under Delegation

Part C

The minutes of the Akaroa Design and Appearance Advisory Committee meeting held on Thursday 4 February 2016 were received.



5.    Plans to Consider - Bruce Terrace Social Housing


Committee Comment

Christchurch City Council staff briefed the committee on the proposed redevelopment of the social housing complex at 20 Bruce Terrace, Akaroa.  The proposal is to demolish the three existing units and to erect five new units along the eastern boundary of the site.


The Committee encouraged staff to take design cues from buildings that currently exists in Akaroa, and made the following specific comments:

a.        That staff reconsider the use of a plaster finish and be encouraged to look at other visual effects around the town to see if another type of cladding would be more suitable.

b.           Corrugated iron as a cladding would not be compatible with the pitched roof line; instead a linear board look would be more acceptable.

c.            The design outlay of creating the look of only three units was preferrable and it was noted that each block could be painted and treated differently to break the bulk of the building.

d.           Care should be taken when choosing colours for the complex to choose a neutral palette, not one that would highlight the building.  (It was noted that tenants would be consulted on the colour scheme)

e.           Window treatment is important and can provide some detail.  A vertical orientation would look like a domestic situation.  Bay windows are not an Akaroa look.

f.            Retain the three roof outline and emphasise the stepping of the building to decrease the visual bulk.

The Committee was also informed that the bridge providing access to the property would need to be upgraded.  Staff were asked to keep the new rails simple and in keeping with the area.


Community Board Decisions under Delegation

Part C

The Akaroa Design and Appearance Advisory Committee decided to:

1.        Receive the concept drawings for the Bruce Terrace Social Housing proposal.

2.        Ask staff to keep the Committee informed of progress and if any problems arise that staff come back to the Committee for comment.



6.    Plans to Consider - Tactile Pavers


Committee Comment

Staff explained to the Committee the proposal for minor pedestrian improvements for various areas within the main Akaroa business centre and also in the vicinity of the Pompallier rest home complex.

The installation of tactile pavers was a health and safety initiative to assist those with sight impairment.  The installation of pedestrian refuges was to improve pedestrian safety and to encourage members of the public to cross the road at a safe point.  They would also assist those with mobility scooters to cross the road.

The Committee was concerned that the tactile pavers would be an intrusion on the visual streetscape of Akaroa and made the following comments:

a.           Not in favour of pavers being yellow – grey or terracotta would be less intrusive.

b.           Bollards seem unnecessary.

c.            Streetscape values are important to retain.

d.           Rue Balguerie/Rue Lavaud intersection is the most historic corner in Akaroa and is nationally significant with a heritage building on each of the four corners.




Community Board Decisions under Delegation

Part C

The Akaroa Design and Appearance Advisory Committee decided to:

1.        Receive the information.

2.        Request that the Council’s Heritage team be consulted on the proposal.

3.        Request that a trial with the tactile pavers be carried out in an area of low impact.



7.    Draft Akaroa Township Public Realm Design Guidelines


Community Board Decisions under Delegation

Part B

The Akaroa Design and Appearance Advisory Committee decided to receive the information and hold a workshop to discuss the contents of the draft document.


8.    Community Board Advisor’s Update

Part B

There was no Community Board Advisor’s update at this meeting.

9.    Committee Members’ Exchange of Information

Part B

Historic Area – Council Awareness

Members expressed concern that things were occurring in Akaroa, that were affecting the streetscape in the Historic Area and which had not been brought to this Committee or the Community Board for comment/information.  Examples were given such as the cutting down of trees at The Gaiety and the new colour scheme for the Akaroa Service Centre, where the Friends of The Gaiety had not been informed regarding the trees and this Committee  had not been consulted on the colour scheme for the Service Centre.




Meeting concluded at 4.17pm.