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An ordinary meeting of the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee will be held on:


Date:                                     Thursday 2 June 2016

Time:                                    8.30am

Venue:                                 Council Chamber, Level 2, Civic Offices,
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Councillor Phil Clearwater

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31 May 2016




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David Adamson

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Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee

02 June 2016



Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee

02 June 2016


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C       18.     Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports............................................................. 4  

A       19.     Asia Pacific Cycling Congress September 2017............................................................. 5  

Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee

02 June 2016



18 Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports

1.       Background

1.1          Approval is sought to submit the following report to the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee meeting on 02 June 2016:

19.   Asia Pacific Cycling Congress September 2017

1.2          The reason, in terms of section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, why the report was not included on the main agenda is that it was not available at the time the agenda was prepared.

1.3          It is appropriate that the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee receive the report at the current meeting.

2.       Recommendation

2.1          That the report be received and considered at the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee meeting on 02 June 2016.



Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee

02 June 2016



19.    Asia Pacific Cycling Congress September 2017




John Hannah

941 8999



1.   Purpose and Origin of Report

Purpose of Report

1.1       The purpose of this report is to request that the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee recommend to Council that it consider hosting the 2017 Asia Pacific Cycling Congress (APCC) in Christchurch and provide funding to underwrite the conference. Such funding to be recovered from sponsorship and registration fees.

Origin of Report

1.2       This report is generated by staff in response to the opportunity for Christchurch to host the 2017 APCC.

2.   Significance

2.1       The decision is low significance in relation to the Christchurch City Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy.

2.1.1   The level of significance was determined by completing the Councils assessment (TRIM 2016/0540755)

2.1.2   The community engagement and consultation outlined in this report reflect the assessment.


3.   Staff Recommendations

That the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee recommend that the Council:

1.         Agree to host the 2017 Asia Pacific Cycling Congress

2.         That a grant of $50,000.00 be made to fund the initial work to establish this Congress. These funds to be refunded if possible from the Congress income.


4.   Key Points

4.1       This report does not support the Council's Long Term Plan (2015 - 2025).

4.2       Council has approved as part of its Long Term plan the funding for a network of Major Cycleways Routes to support the Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan.

4.3       The APCC is a major Australian event which supports the development of Cycling as a viable alternative travel mode.

4.4       Christchurch City Council has been offered the opportunity to host this congress and showcase the Major Cycle Routes initiative. The congress offers a significant opportunity to encourage attendees to take the opportunity to experience the many recreational cycling opportunities in the region.

4.5       $50,000 is required for 18 months to provide for planning and advertising. This sum could be provided as a grant for the congress start up. The intention would for any surplus after expenses, sponsorship and registrations are reconciled to be refunded against the grant.


5.   Context/Background


5.1       The APCC is a Queensland State Government congress, a forum to share knowledge, skills and experiences, address issues and barriers to facilitate the creation of cycling cultures in communities and ultimately achieve an increase in cycling mode share.

5.2       The Chair of the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee, attended the congress in July 2015 along with people from the NZ Transport Agency, consultancies and the Council’s Major Cycle Routes Programme Manager. The congress included an extensive programme of presentations and workshops on a range of topics very relevant to the Council's Major Cycle Routes implementation programme, including:

·   Cycle planning, safety and innovation

·   Education, health and behaviour change

·   Community, industry and tourism.

5.3       The congress is targeted at:

·   Cycling planning experts

·     academics

·     consultants

·     public sector

·   State/local/international government

·     transport and roads

·     infrastructure and planning

·     health, sport and recreation

·   Community cycling groups

·   other associations (e.g. bicycle user groups, peak bodies, NGOs, LGAQ)

·   Cycling suppliers, manufacturers and retailers

·   Industry media

5.4       At the 2015 congress, there were several references to the Council's "visionary" programme in Christchurch to encourage more cyclists and thus reduce car demand on our roads. There was also strong reference to the great recreational cycling opportunities in New Zealand.

5.5       The Chairman of IT&E spoke with the congress organisers and an information exchange was arranged between the Council's Major Cycle Routes Programme Manager and the Queensland-based congress board. This has led to Stirling Hinchcliffe, the Queensland Minister for Transport, agreeing to a recommendation for Christchurch to host the 2017 Congress, subject to the Council's agreement.

5.6       This is a great opportunity for Christchurch and the region. It is likely that the Queensland Minister and the New Zealand Minister of Transport would attend some part of the congress and NZTA National Cycling Manager has indicated that NZTA would likely be a strong supporter.

5.7       The following themes could be developed for the Christchurch congress.

·   Cycling is just another travel mode and needs to be seen as having a key role in encouraging “modal shift” for all travel, not just commuters.

·   Promotion/education focusing on:

·     Seeking and gaining a strong public mandate for the need for improved cycle facilities. “Public ownership” of the need.

·     Telling the compelling story of why (for our communities, politicians and investors)

·     Taking a whole of network approach – not just cycling-specific projects

·     Promotion and education through all aspects of the “modal shift” experience

·     Tourism

·     Design options for varying end purposes

·     Operation and maintenance of cycle facilities.  Temporary traffic management during maintenance operations – diversions/changes to routes

·     Monitoring the impact of investment

·     Legislative/rules issues and education for all mode users.

5.8       There is also a potential opportunity to work with Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism and Tourism NZ to encourage attendees to extend their stay before and after the congress to enjoy the many great recreational cycling and other opportunities there are in the Canterbury region.

5.9       It is anticipated the Congress would attract up to 200 delegates from New Zealand and 50 to 100 from Australia/Asia/Pacific.

5.10    Hosting this congress would bring to Christchurch and the region, including:

·   Showcasing the Council’s Major Cycle Routes initiative, highlighting how Christchurch City Council is leading the way in investing in cycling infrastructure. Several routes and significant sections of others will be completed by the time of the congress in September/October 2017.

·   Council staff and consultants able to present papers based on real experiences of the challenges and requirements in providing safe and attractive cycleways that attract more cycling use for ordinary travel.

·   Enable the Christchurch educational institutes to contribute papers and research on the benefits of increased cycling.

·   Showcase recreational cycling experiences in the region including the Christchurch Coastal Pathway, some of the Major Cycle Routes, the Little River Link, and the Alps 2 Ocean Trail.

·   Showcase the exciting Regeneration of Christchurch

6.   Congress Management / Timing

6.1.1   The proposed management model is to appoint a congress board / organising committee who would engage an event manager. This person would report to the organising committee and provide the overall congress project management. It is proposed that the detailed sponsorship, administration and promotion tasks would be undertaken by a conference organising company.

6.1.2   The organising committee, up to 7 people, would include representatives from the NZTA National Cycling team, consultant companies working in the industry, tourism, cycling advocacy groups and Council representatives.

6.1.3   This organising committee would be supported with experience and guidance from the Queensland APCC Board.

6.1.4   Initial inquiries indicate there are opportunities for a venue to host an attendance of between 250 and 350.

6.1.5   The event is expected to be held in September / October 2017.

7.   Costs are as follows-

7.1.1   The objective is that the congress be self-funded with some services in kind to assist and reduce costs. Once the Council has agreed to host the event, sponsors will be sought for elements of the costs leading up to the congress. Underwriting is required to enable funds to be available until the sponsorship has been secured.

7.1.2   The start-up (pre-registration) costs that under-writing by the Council are estimated to be up to $50,000.00 and include:

·   Creating a website $10,000

·   Collateral development and printing $10,000

·   Marketing and promotion $10,000

·   Contingency $10,000

7.1.3   It is proposed that the underwriting of $50,000 could be provided by way of a grant from Council.


Option Summary - Advantages and Disadvantages

7.2       The advantages of hosting this convention are-

·   The Council can show case it's Major Cycle Routes and bring to Christchurch a mix of speakers and experts. This will provide a source of expert help and guidance for our MCR designers.

·   It will likely bring to the City the Ministers of Transport for New Zealand and Queensland along with a projected 250 to 300 attendees, many from Australia and Asia who will be encouraged to experience some of the many recreational cycle rides in the region and the income that would come from these.

7.3       The disadvantages of hosting the Congress include:

All of these are considered to be low risk.

·   The possibility of not securing sufficient sponsorship to meet the pre Congress costs.

·   Insufficient registrations to cover residual costs after sponsorship.



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Confirmation of Statutory Compliance

Compliance with Statutory Decision-making Requirements (ss 76 - 81 Local Government Act 2002).

(a) This report contains:

(i)  sufficient information about all reasonably practicable options identified and assessed in terms of their advantages and disadvantages; and

(ii) adequate consideration of the views and preferences of affected and interested persons bearing in mind any proposed or previous community engagement.

(b) The information reflects the level of significance of the matters covered by the report, as determined in accordance with the Council's significance and engagement policy.




John Hannah

Project Manager

Approved By

Chris Gregory

David Adamson

Head of Transport

General Manager City Services