Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Wednesday 8 June 2016

Time:                                    9.30am

Venue:                                  Little River Service Centre,
4238 Christchurch-Akaroa Road, Little River





Deputy Chairperson


Pam Richardson

Lyndon Graham

Janis Haley

Andrew Turner



8 June 2016






Liz Carter

Community Board Advisor

941 5682



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Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board

08 June 2016


Part A         Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation




The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.    Apologies

Part C

An apology for absence was received from Bryan Morgan.  Maria Bartlett was not in attendance at the meeting.


Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00040

Part B

That the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board receive and accept the apology from Bryan Morgan.

Member Richardson/Member Haley                                                                                       Carried


2.    Declarations of Interest

Part B

There were no declarations of interest recorded.


3.    Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Part C

Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00041

Community Board Decision

That the minutes of the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board meeting held on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 be confirmed, subject to the following alteration:

Page 8, first sentence to read “Member Bartlett arrived at the meeting at 10.15am and was not in attendance for the first part of the discussion on item 4.3”

Member Turner/Member Graham                                                                                           Carried


4.    Deputations by Appointment

Part B

4.1      Murray Kiely

Murray Kiely (Murphys Seafoods) addressed the Board regarding the operation of a commercial mobile fish outlet on the Akaroa Wharf, including the public being able to observe the cleaning and filleting of fish, both on a boat and in a kiosk on the wharf.

Board Comment


Board members commented that the fishing industry was a big part of the history of Akaroa and Mr Kiely’s proposal would be an added attraction for tourists.


Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00042

Part B

That the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board generally supports the proposal as outlined and requests that staff work with Murphy’s Seafoods to progress the application.

Member Richardson/Member Haley                                                                                       Carried


5.    Presentation of Petitions

Part B

There was no presentation of petitions.  


6.    Reserve Management Committees

         Minutes of the Duvauchelle Reserve Management Committee were submitted to the Board for its information.



Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00043

Part B

That the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board receive the minutes of the Duvauchelle Reserve Management Committee meeting held on Monday 9 May 2016

Member Richardson/Member Graham                                                                                    Carried



7.    Deed of Lease - Birdlings Flat Community Hall

         The Board considered a report to approve the granting of a Deed of Lease to The Little River Wairewa Community Trust for occupation and management of the Birdlings Flat Community Hall, which is yet to be constructed.


Board Comment

The Board acknowledged the work of staff in ensuring that this project had arrived at a good outcome for all parties involved.


Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00044

Community Board Decision under Delegation (Original Staff Recommendation Accepted without Change)

Part C

That the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board:

1.        Approve the granting of a Deed of Lease to The Little River Wairewa Community Trust subject to section 61(2A)(a) of the Reserves Act 1977 over part of the land being legally described as Lot 2 Deposited Plan 26174 comprised in Computer Freehold Register CB8A/1123 as delineated in red on the attached plan, referred to as the Birdlings Flat Community Hall.  The term of the lease to be for a period of 33 years at peppercorn rental.

2.        Approve that the Property Consultancy Manager conclude and administer the terms and conditions of the Deed of Lease.

Member Turner/Member Graham                                                                                             Carried




8.    Youth Development Fund - Akaroa Area School Board of Trustees

         The Board considered a report for funding from its 2015/16 Discretionary Response Fund for a Youth Development funding application from the Akaroa Area School Board of Trustees.



Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00045

Community Board Decisions under Delegation (Original Staff Recommendation Accepted without Change)

Part C

That the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board approves a grant of $1,000 from its 2015/16 Discretionary Response fund to Akaroa Area School Board of Trustees towards attending the New Zealand Area Schools Sports tournament.

Member Richardson/Member Haley                                                                                         Carried



9.    Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board Area Report

         The Board received the information itemised in the Area Report and discussed the following matters



Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00046

Part B

That the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board receive the report.

Member Turner/Member Haley                                                                                                 Carried


9.1      Draft Business Improvement District Policy

Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00047

Part B

That the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board formally adopt the Board’s submission to the Draft Business Improvement District Policy.

Member Haley/Member Graham                                                                                             Carried



9.2      Discretionary Response Fund 2015/16

Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00048

Part B

         That the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board request staff to carry forward any unallocated monies from the Akaroa/Wairewa Discretionary Response Fund to the 2016/17 year.

Member Turner/Member Graham                                                                                           Carried


9.3      Draft Christchurch Visitor Strategy

Part B

The Board indicated it wished to make a submission to this Strategy, and requested that staff circulate the Draft to local groups and businesses.


The meeting adjourned for morning tea at 10.40am.

The meeting reconvened at 11am.

10. Elected Member Information Exchange

Part B

10.1    High Tides

            The Board raised the issue of the tidal impact during storms and/or high tides which brought debris on to roads and foreshore areas.  Members commented that this seemed to be occuring with increasing frequency.  The Board was concerned that it appeared this issue was not being addressed in any way.

Community Board Resolved AWCB/2016/00049

Part B

            That the Akaroa/Wairewa Community Board request information from staff on whether the clearance of marine debris from local roads is covered within the Roading Maintenance Contract.

Member Richardson/Member Graham                                                                                   Carried

11. Questions Under Standing Orders

Part B

There were no questions under standing orders at this meeting.


Meeting concluded at 11.30am.




Pam Richardson