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Notice of Meeting:

An ordinary meeting of the Strategy and Finance Committee will be held on:


Date:                                     Thursday 21 January 2016

Time:                                    1.00pm

Venue:                                 Committee Room 1, Level 2, Civic Offices,
53 Hereford Street, Christchurch





Deputy Chairperson


Raf Manji

Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck

Councillor Jimmy Chen

Councillor Phil Clearwater

Councillor Jamie Gough

Councillor Yani Johanson

Councillor Andrew Turner



19 January 2016




Principal Advisor

Peter  Gudsell

Chief Financial Officer

Tel: 941 8528


Margaret Henderson

Committee Advisor

941 8185

Note:  The reports contained within this agenda are for consideration and should not be construed as Council policy unless and until adopted.  If you require further information relating to any reports, please contact the person named on the report.
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Strategy and Finance Committee

21 January 2016



Strategy and Finance Committee

21 January 2016


Part A        Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

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C       11.     Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports............................................................. 4  

C       12.     Central Plains Joint Committee...................................................................................... 5  

Strategy and Finance Committee

21 January 2016



11 Resolution to Include Supplementary Reports

1.       Background

1.1          Approval is sought to submit the following report to the Strategy and Finance Committee meeting on 21 January 2016:

12.   Central Plains Joint Committee

1.2          The reason, in terms of section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, why the report was not included on the main agenda is that it was not available at the time the agenda was prepared.

1.3          It is appropriate that the Strategy and Finance Committee receive the report at the current meeting.

2.       Recommendation

2.1          That the report be received and considered at the Strategy and Finance Committee meeting on 21 January 2016.



Strategy and Finance Committee

21 January 2016



12     Central Plains Joint Committee




Ian Thomson

Ext. 6469



1.   Purpose of Report

1.1       To provide information to the Committee about the Central Plains Joint Committee.


2.   Staff Recommendations

That the Strategy and Finance Committee:

1.         Receives the information contained in the report.




3.   Key Points

3.1       In August last year the Mayor of the Selwyn District Council, Kelvin Coe, wrote to the Christchurch Mayor with regard to the Central Plains Water Trust.  The Christchurch City Council (the Council) and Selwyn are settlors of the Trust, established in 2003 for the purpose of developing a proposal for the irrigation of a large area of the Canterbury plains.

3.2       Stage 1 of the project has now been completed, largely as a result of the work done by Central Plains Water Ltd.  This is a company formed by the Trust to progress resource consent applications on the Trust's behalf and, once these were obtained, commence construction of the scheme.  The company has also been successful in attracting funding for the project.

3.3       The Council and Selwyn no longer have shares in the company, which is now well supported by the farming community.  Mr Coe considers the completion of stage 1 to be an appropriate time to review and confirm membership of the Trust, in particular for the Council to decide whether or not it wishes to continue its role as settlor.

3.4       If it did, he suggested that both Councils undertake a review of the Trust and deal with outstanding matters such as the confirmation and/or appointment of trustees.

3.5       Mr Coe indicated that Selwyn would be happy to continue as sole settlor if the Council decided to withdraw from the current arrangement.

3.6       A memorandum in response to the letter was prepared for the chief executive.  A copy is attached to this report.

3.7       As stated in the memorandum Selwyn and the Council also established the Central Plains Joint Committee to discuss issues relating to the Trust, including the appointment of new trustees.  The current representatives on the Committee are Councillors Clearwater and East.

3.8       The last time the Council was represented at a meeting of the Committee was in August 2012. The on-going need for a joint body may depend on the outcome of a review of the Trust, should the Council agree with this approach.  Councillors Clearwater and East have indicated a willingness to retain their roles as Councillor representatives.

3.9       The writer of this report has endeavoured to make contact with the relevant staff at Selwyn and hopefully will be in a position to provide further information to the Strategy and Finance Committee at this week's meeting.









Memo to Karleen Edwards






Ian  Thomson

Senior Legal Advisor - Governance

Approved By

Karleen Edwards

Chief Executive


Strategy and Finance Committee

21 January 2016