Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board

Open Minutes



Date:                                     Wednesday 18 May 2016

Time:                                    3.30pm

Venue:                                 Boardroom,
180 Smith Street, Linwood





Deputy Chairperson


Sara Templeton

Islay McLeod

Alexandra Davids

Joe Davies

Yani Johanson

Paul Lonsdale

Brenda Lowe-Johnson



18 May 2016






Barbara Strang

Community Board Advisor

941 6601



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Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board

18 May 2016


Part A        Matters Requiring a Council Decision

Part B         Reports for Information

Part C         Decisions Under Delegation




The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies

Part C

There were no apologies.

2.   Declarations of Interest

Part B

Member Johanson declared an interest in applicant 14 of item 11 (public excluded agenda) and  took no part in the discussion and voting on this item.

Member Templeton declared an interest in applicant 16 of item 11 (public excluded agenda) and  took no part in the discussion and voting on this item.  


3.   Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Part C

Community Board Resolved HFCB/2016/00090

That the minutes of the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board meeting held on Tuesday 3 May 2016, be confirmed.

Member McLeod/Member Lonsdale                                                                                                                 Carried


4.   Deputations by Appointment

Part B

4.1       Angelina McLean - Linwood Youth Festival Experience (LYFE) 2016

             Angelina McLean, LYFE Coordinator, Diana Saxton, Christchurch City Council Recreation Advisor and members of the LYFE Crew (2016) addressed the Board and gave a presentation on the LYFE 2016 event.

             The Board heard of the challenges and outcomes of the LYFE 2016 event held on 5 March 2016.


              Ms McLean reported that overall, the event achieved its objectives. She particularly  mentioned the organising crew who contributed a wide range of tasks to successfully deliver a well received and enjoyable day.


             The Chairperson thanked Angelina Mclean and the members of the LYFE Crew for their deputation.



4.2       Amanda Murray - Linwood Pool

Amanda Murray, Branch Manager Youthtown, provided an update on the Linwood Pool.  The pool was operational throughout January and February 2016, and despite weather challenges in January was well received by the Linwood community with repeat visitors. 

The Chairperson thanked Amanda Murray for her deputation.


4.3       Linwood Early Childhood Education (ECE) Wellbeing and Belonging Project - Jan Dobson

             Jan Dobson, Participation Facilitator of the Linwood ECE project gave a presentation on the project and its intended outcomes and delivery.  In attendance with Ms Dobson were Todd Webley, New Zealand Police and Kose Seinafo, from the Ministry of Education.

             The Linwood ECE project is a collective initiative, involving 12 early childhood education services, 16 agencies and five schools.  The project is part of the Ministry of Education Greater Christchurch Earthquake Renewal Programme and has its origins in the scoping work originally done with ECE services in 2014.  In addition to other initiatives the project has a community nurse delivering services to ECE children and families, and a mobile 'wellbeing hub' (in collaboration with New Zealand Police) which will deliver services to the community in various planned locations.

             The Chairperson thanked Ms Dobson for her deputation.


4.4       Buckleys Road Bus Stop - Peter Jasper and Neale Tomlinson

             Peter Jasper property owner, and Neale Tomlinson resident, addressed the Board with their concerns on the two bus stops outside 35 Buckleys Road.

             Mr Jasper and Mr Tomlinson reported anti-social behaviour has improved since their last deputation.  Their key concern at this time is that the installation of a new digital Adshel Bus Shelter would preclude moving the bus stop at a future date. 

             The Chairperson thanked Mr Jasper and Mr Tomlinson for their deputation.  Staff provided further information in relation to the deputation ( Item 7.1 of these minutes refers).


7.   Staff Briefings

7.1       Buckleys Road Bus Stop - Brenda O'Donoghue

             Brenda O'Donoghue, Passenger Transport Engineer, provided a briefing to the Board on the bus stops outside 35 Buckleys Road.

             The Board was informed about planned improvements for the bus stop, including reducing the Adshel advertising to one panel, using a mesh backing instead of glass, and combining the two stops into one.  Once completed, the new bus stop is designed to be transportable and could be moved if required in the future.

             The Chairperson thanked Brenda O'Donoghue for her briefing.

7.2       Customer Services Group - Sarah Numan

             Sarah Numan, Head of Customer Services, gave a presentation and informed the Board about Citizen Hubs, an initiative designed to provide improved customer service with a focus tailored to the different locations they operate from throughout Christchurch.

             The Chairperson thanked Sarah Numan for her briefing.



5.   Presentation of Petitions

Part B

There were no petitions presented at this meeting.

6.   Notices of Motion


Part B

The Board considered the following proposed notice of motion from Joe Davies:

That the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board support the Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board Chairperson, Paula Smith, in her efforts to have Wharf No 4 developed into an accessible public space.




Community Board Resolved HFCB/2016/00091

The Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board decided to support the Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board Chairperson, Paula Smith, in her efforts to have wharf No 4 developed into an accessible public space.

Member Davies/Member Lowe-Johnson                                                                                                        Carried

Member McLeod abstained from voting on this matter.



8.   Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board Area Report

         Part B

The Board was advised of upcoming community events. 


Member Lonsdale volunteered to speak at the Sumner Community and Library Facility sod turning event in July and Member Johanson will speak at the Redcliffs Library sod turning event.



Community Board Resolved HFCB/2016/00092

The Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board decided to receive the report.

Member Davies/Member Templeton                                                                                                                Carried


9.   Elected Member Information Exchange


Part A

9.1       Bridle Path Road /St Andrews Hill Road Intersection

                      Board Comment

                      Following previous information, a report to the Board (on 2 May 2016) and an accident                       involving a car and cyclist at the Bridle Path Road / St Andrews Hill intersection on 12 May 2016,                       the Board considered that this matter necessitates urgent further consideration and agreed on                 the following: 



Community Board Decision HFCB/2016/00093

The Board decided to request that the safety issues at the Bridle Path Road and St Andrews Hill intersection be reported to the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee for urgent action.

Note: This request has been referred as a Part A report from the Board to the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee meeting  on 2 June 2016.

Member Templeton/Member Davies                                                                                                   Carried


Part B

9.2       Christchurch Hospital Parking

Community Board Decision HFCB/2016/00094

The Board decided to write to the Chief Executive of the Canterbury District Health Board,  recommending that a scheme be put in place for frequent visitors to the hospital to have discounted parking.

Member McLeod/Member Davids                                                                                                         Carried


Part B

9.3       Woolston Borough Memorial


Community Board DecisionHFCB/2016/00095

The Board decided to request an update from staff on the work being done on the Woolston Borough Memorial.

Member Templeton/Member McLeod                                                                                                Carried


Part B

9.4       Mother Of All Clean Ups 14 May 2016


Community Board Decision HFCB/2016/00096

The Hagley/Ferrymead Communiy Board decided to send a letter of appreciation to all groups involved in the 'Mother Of All Clean Ups' and to the Student Volunteer Army for their work on 14 May 2016.

Member Johanson/Member Templeton                                                                                             Carried


Part B

9.5       St John's Street No Truck Zone


             A resident has reported that trucks are continually travelling through the No Truck Zone on St              John's Street.  The Board will endeavour to follow up on this matter.


10. Questions Under Standing Orders

Part B

There were no questions under Standing Orders.




11. Resolution to Exclude the Public

          Part C


Community Board Resolved HFCB/2016/00097

At 6.30pm the resolution to exclude the public set out on pages 20 to 21 of the agenda, be adopted.

Member Templeton/Member Lonsdale                                                                                                                Carried



The public were re-admitted to the meeting at 6.39pm.



Meeting concluded at 6.40pm.




Sara Templeton