Jellie Park Management Plan - Proposed Changes


Open Minutes



Date:                                     Friday 13 May 2016

Time:                                    9.00am

Venue:                                 Committee Room 1, Level 2, Civic Offices,
53 Hereford Street, Christchurch






Councillor David East

Faimeh Burke, Fendalton-Waimairi Community Board Member

Emma Norrish, Shirley-Papanui Community Board Member



9 May 2016






Mark Saunders

Hearings Advisor

941 6436

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Hearings Panel

13 May 2016



The agenda was dealt with in the following order.

1.   Apologies


There were no apologies.

2.   Election of Chairperson


Committee Resolved BLHP/2016/00003

It was resolved that Councillor East be appointed Chairperson of the Hearings Panel.

Member Burke/Member Norrish                                                                                                                        Carried


3.   Staff Report to the Hearings Panel on the Proposed Changes to the Jellie Park Management Plan


Staff provided a briefing on the proposed changes to the Jellie Park Management Plan together with a summary of the written submissions received following consultation.


4.   Hearing of Submissions

The Hearings Panel received presentations from the following submitters:

·         Avril Enslow and Dave Evans (for Christchurch School of Gymnastics)

·         Chris Todd

·         Kevin Collier (for Sports Canterbury)

·         Chris Davies

Adjourned 10:33am; resumed 10:46am

·         Paul Deacon

·         Tony Chandler

Adjourned 11:15am; resumed 11:52am

·         Nick Thompson

·         Phil Tindall

Adjourned 12:35pm; resumed 1:05pm

5.   Hearings Panel Consideration and Deliberation

Committee Resolved BLHP/2016/00004

The Hearings Panel considered the submissions received following consultation on the proposed changes to the Jellie Park Management Plan.

Following its deliberations the Hearings Panel made the following recommendations:

That the Council:

1.              Approves the changes to the Jellie Park Management Plan that will be shown as tracked changes in Attachment A (and incorporated in Attachment B) to the Hearings Panel’s Report to the Council (within the agenda for the Council meeting on 23 June 2016), thereby approving, in accordance with section 41 of the Reserves Act 1977, the amended Jellie Park Management Plan as it appears in the aforesaid Attachment B as the operative plan.

Note: The Hearings Panel unanimously supported the changes that will be shown/incorporated in the mentioned Attachments A and B with one exception, namely that it was decided by majority vote to delete one of the two proposed extensions of the "Access and parking" zone into the "Open parkland and trees" zone, being that extension indicated as area "A" in the draft Zoning Plan (Figure 3 in the mentioned Attachment A).

Councillor East/Member Burke                                                                                                                             Carried




Meeting concluded at 2:27pm.